Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day Love!

Check out our cutie pie Mother's Day kids had so much fun talking about their mommies this week. They really love her! <3
We made these precious little votive jars for the mommies. They turned out so nice! 
What mom doesn't like getting a new purse?

This is the inside of the purse. It says:
Her name is ANA.
Her hair is BLACK BROWN.
Her eyes are BROWN.
She weighs 200 pounds. (She may be a little shocked by that :))
She is 103 years old.(Also shocking)
Her favorite food is PANCAKES.
On the bottom he wrote:
I love my mom because she loves me.
Isn't that just too much!?!

Some beautiful flowers for mom...
Another fun little writing piece.

A very fancy envelope to put it all in! :)

I hope the mommies like all of their gifts. I know that the kids were so excited to take them home today to give them to them!

We have a teacher workday tomorrow & I couldn't be happier about that! I am so needing a little down time before the end of year testing next week! I am starting to feel the stress of only having 16 days left with them & oh so much to get done! Whew! This year has flown for always does when you have an awesome bunch of kids!

Happy Teacher Appreciation, Friends!!



Lori Rosenberg said...

Awww, such cute gifts and writing. What lucky mommies!

Lori (
Teaching With Love and Laughter

LeAnne Cooper said...

Jen, I LOVE these activities! How did you make the votive jars? And, do you have a template for the purses you'd be willing to share? They turned out MUCH cuter than the ones we made!
Hangin' with Mrs. Cooper

applesandabcs said...

The candles are so pretty!


Apples and ABC's

Barbara said...

OK, these are AdOrAbLE . . . our firsties did candles, too, and Mommy Makeovers . . . so I was a stand-in for a triplet whose mom couldn't be in three places at once. So I brought my lotion but he didn't like the feel of it on his hands. He was bent on painting my toenails, so I acquiesced and ended up with pink nails on the left and flower stickers on top of the right nails. Interesting . . .

Sending smiles,

The Corner On Character

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