Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy Summer & Some PINTERESTING Stuff!

HELLOOOOO out there!!
Long time, no blog! Hee hee!
 I have been having a super busy, relaxing, fun, family-filled summer!
I hope that you all are doing much the same. 

Anyway, I have been lurking around Pinterest & found some fun stuff. 
Who can resist Pinterest, really?! 
Here are some fun things I found lately...
Click the pics to follow the links!

"....When a student proudly brings me a card or drawing, I read it and tell them how wonderful they are, and then direct them to the Cards to Remember book. They add their card or drawing to the binder. I leave the binder on display so other students can look through it." - I MUST do this next year!!!

What an awesome idea for all those sweet notes & pictures that your students are ALWAYS giving you!

Writing Sentences: A Roll and Write Activity ~ get kids learning about sentence structure and writing longer sentences with this interactive writing activity | This Reading Mama

I am forever looking for ways to use my dice! 

Place value die... a cube for tens and ones. Can easily be extended for larger numbers... hundreds, one thousands, ten thousands etc
(This one has no link, just the pic was on Pinterest...)

Friday reflection idea

I love a little student reflection... :)

What about you? Are you having a happy summer?!