Tuesday, May 29, 2012

7 More & I Need a Little Help...

Well, I have 7 more days to go. This week we are re-testing, and at my school that means that we are in total lockdown...AGAIN! No recess, no specials, no leaving the room for anything but lunch. So, to get through this I am teaching about dinosaurs. That always seems to be a crowd pleaser. I am using my dinosaur unit for math & literacy stations. You can grab it by clicking on the picture.

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This unit is great, but here's the thing...I need some crafty, fun things that my kiddos can do. Does anyone know of anything that I can do with them...minimal prep-work if possible! ;)
I really need to keep those little hands busy!!

Thanks Friends!!


Krogers Kindergarten said...

Everytime you have to go on lockdown and I read about it my heart stops a little bit. I do NOT know how you do it!!

The egg, little dinosaur, big dinosaur activity that I showed on my blog took my kids FOREVER because they had to color the big and little dino with the same colors/patterns/spots/ whatever they used to decorate their skin (I let the get "creative" with how to color them to make it last longer HA). Between coloring the egg and 2 dinos and then writing about them, that would be a fun one for your kiddos to keep them busy :)


Jen said...

Ooooh, that sounds good! I'm going there now to check it out! Thanks!

Heidi said...

I wish I had a picture that I could share with you, but I completely forgot to take some. When I was doing dinosaurs with my little kinders 2 years ago we created a dinosaur out of a paper plate. What you would need to do is create some sort of head and tail and legs out of construction paper (we used green). You take the paper plate, fold it in half, stuff the inside of it with paper towels or something else to make it fluffy and they staple/glue it together (stapling worked the best). Then you can use whatever color paint you would like and sponge paint the paper plate and glue/staple on the the head, tail, and legs. (I had all of the dinosaur bodies stuffed and stapled before giving them to my students. Sorry I can't show you a picture, but I hope that this helps. I am emailing you a few other ideas with pictures.

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Teacher Mom of 3 said...

My son did this balloon dinosaur egg craft this year. It may be a little more involved than you want, but he loved it and the egg was adorable!

Nicole said...

We did Dinosaurs when we were on lockdown too - NO fun!! My kids created a dinosaur of their own - I just blew up a lineart picture of a Dinosaur and put out a ton of craft materials and let 'em go crazy "creating" their dinosaur - we don't reallllly know what they look like, so they had to be creative! It was super easy and not a lot of work for me :)
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sspeller said...

One thing we always do is make the dinosaur fossils by imprinting items into plaster, letting it dry and then it hardens into a "fossil". We also did a dino fossil hunt around our classroom (perfect since you can't leave anyway). I traced different bones (a whole skeleton) and hid them. After we found them all, we put Mr. Stegosaurus back together, labeled all his different bones and made a bulletin board out of him. Then we did the individual labeling activity using the same skeleton. They had to glue all the bones together to make the skeleton and use the big version to label all their bones. Took a while and they thought it was oh-so-fun!!!

Robert Kinney said...

My kids loves dinosaurs. Read a book once and he never stopped reading.

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School District U-46 Staff said...


I did visit your site and I love what I see. I also have an idea about what you can do the last seven days. Using large rolled paper, have each child trace their partners shape onto the paper. Then using non-standard objects, like blocks, pencils, or even paperclips, have them measure their different body parts. While they are working on that go around with a tape measure and measure around their heads and wrists and ankles. Write down those measurements in inches onto their traced shapes.

To connect to reading, read a book about a character and talk about how they act. Make a list such as friendly, kind to others, helpful, works hard to do their best, etc. Students then are to choose 3 words from the list, or ones that they can think of themselves that describes how they act and write those words on the tracing. As they are working, you could go around and ask them their best memory about this school year and you could write it on their tracing. Then you could write a few words about them, and sign it as their teacher. During this dictation time have them draw in their faces and hair.

Well there is my idea.

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vicky1970 said...

Hi Jen - I am so on the countdown too. 8 more days including a field trip to the Wild Animal Park... whoo I am ready. Just found your blog and am your newest follower. Happy last week. :o)
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