Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Final Countdown: B Day!

Hello Everyone!
We are rolling right along in our final days ABC countdown! To see the plan for the countdown click here.
It was B day today & my kiddos celebrated by blowing bubbles!
Everyone had a bottle of bubbles & they had a blast outside today! 
We were thankful that the rain held off for us! 
Stay tuned...tomorrow is C day! 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

It's "A" Day!

Hello everyone!
Yesterday I blogged about my classroom end of year ABC countdown. 
You can read about that here.
So, today I kicked it off with A day.
Today was Animal Art...woo hoo!
Remember, I am keeping things easy peasy cheesy & SUPER low prep. I grabbed these farm animal templates from my awesome friend Reagan Tunstall...ain't she just the greatest?!
These were soooooo easy for my kiddos to cut and paste & the extra bonus was how quiet they were! 
They took this seriously!!
I let them pick from pigs, goats, sheep, and horses.
Here's how they turned out...
I just love those curly tailed pigs! 
(That black horse is a little wonky, haha)
I will have them all mounted on the green butcher paper with the barn...
Just didn't get that far today! :)
Next up?
B Day
Check back tomorrow to see our fun!! :)

Monday, April 27, 2015

It's The Final Countdown!

Hello everyone!
Well, I made it! The final countdown is here!! 
So, in my class, we do the ABC countdown. I made this countdown based on the bazillions of pins I found & requirements that my school has. Here is the letter that I send home to the parents...
 Here is the plan!
My goal was to have fun, but to also do SIMPLE activities that do NOT require a lot of prep. After all, it is testing season & who has time to do crazy, over the top stuff!
Also, my wallet is screaming at me so I didn't want to put a ton of money into the activities!
Annnddd my student's parents are strapped for cash so I didn't want to ask them for much.
We are in a strict uniform school so I am not allowed to do anything that interferes with that (I did get special approval for "U" day). 
Sooo, working within these limitations, this is what I was able to come up with...
I will post our fun along the way so that you can see the craziness that ensues! 
I can't believe that we are down to 26 days!!! 
Yippie! :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Who's Got Character??

Hello Friends!

We are plugging right along this year. I cannot believe that we are down to 29 days! What!?!? Where has this year gone??


We have been busting through our character unit in reading. We have been talking about feelings, character traits, name it & we have learned about it in this unit!

Well, to wrap up & celebrate our learning we made our character posters. 

Their assignment was to find their FAVORITE book & really dive in to learn about the character. Then, they had to make a character poster so that others can learn a little more about the character. 
Here's how some of them turned out...

 Haha! I love that he is agervating! So cute!! 

 I would have to agree, Pete IS the best!

 These turned out so nice! The kiddos really put a lot of effort into them! I was so proud to hang them in the hallway for all to see! :)

This was a super easy & super meaningful activity. They all REALLY got into learning about their characters & I couldn't be happier with the hard work that they put into this project! 

Woo hoo!! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Happy Spring!!
I am soooo happy that all the fun spring themes have finally rolled around! 
Here's what we've been doing...
Last week we learned ALL about plants. I mean we learned about life cycle, needs, name it & I taught it! 
We wrapped up last week's learning with a little directed drawing activity.
Here's how they turned out...

 I love the variety of flower types that I got. This class has about ZERO in the creativity department so when we do directed drawings they LOVE it! 
 They are all super quiet & totally concentrating on their has become an activity that they really look forward to. 
 Well..this week we planted our lima bean in our baggies & hung them in the window. Thank you Apples & ABC's for the cute greenhouse templates.
The kiddos are very excited to see if our little experiment will work. There was a HUGE debate about the fact that plants need soil to grow & a paper towel isn't soil. Hee hee! I guess we will have to see what will happen...

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring Time Math!

Hello Everyone!!
Well, you've been asking for it & I finally finished it!!
Here is the Spring math centers packet...
Here is what it looks like...

Remember...all you need to do is print on colorful card stock & laminate & you are ready to go!
I make these packets with the same (or similar) activities so that my students will be completely independent during center time. 
The fewer times I have to explain things the better! 
EVERYTHING has been tested on my firsties & they continue to be highly engaged throughout the center time! 

Wanna copy?

Pin it, leave a link in the comments, & I will pick some lucky winners! :)

However, if you don't win, it's only $2
I like to keep the prices down for the poor teachers, like me! Ha! 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Math Freebie!

Hello Everyone!!
I have been kicked back & enjoying my awesome Spring Break!!
Buuuttttt, I still have a little teacher brain going on! 

A few weeks ago I found these in the dollar spot at Target:

Aren't they the cutest Spring-y erasers!
So I made some math centers to go right along with them!

For this one, I put erasers in zip lock bags and put them around the room. They find the bag, count & write the number, then add 10 more & write the new number. So, for example, I would put bunny erasers in a baggy & write an "a" on the bag with a sharpie. That way they will know where to record the info. 
BTW~ I try to make everything a 1/2 sheet to save on copies! 

 In this center they will choose a bag of erasers, measure each item, & record the results. I would have a baggies of bunnies, carrots, or chicks already prepared. I don't allow them to switch baggies (you get what you get...) that way I don't have any confusion & ruckus! :)

Here I will have plastic eggs labeled with sharpies for each of the letters on this sheet. Then put in different amounts of chicks, bunnies, & carrots for them to write & solve addition problems. You can do 2 & 3 digit addition problems...the possibilities are endless! 
Click HERE if you would like a copy of the recording sheets! 

PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT if you like them!
I am more likely to share more if I know that people are actually getting use out of them!! 

Happy Spring!!