Monday, May 7, 2012

Catching Up!

I am REALLY feeling the pinch of the end of the year! I am trying to make Mother's Day gifts, complete assessments, and, oh yeah, TEACH! The pictures below are actually from last week...see, I told you I was behind! I am making the sweetest, cutest Mother's Day goodies ever...I will post those pics when we get everything finished. Anyway, take a look at what we have been up to...

Here is a fun little math center. They choose the ladybug card, color a ladybug on their sheet with the corresponding color, write the # from the card under the ladybug that was colored, and then they write the number that is one more and the number that is one less.

My pics are out of order...oh well, this is a literacy station where they sort the bug according to vowel sounds & put them in the correct jars. After sorting, they write the words on their recording sheets.

This is my listening center. They listen to the grouchy ladybug and then they draw their own ladybug & tell how she is feeling.

Ahhh, back to math...this is an ordering/counting by 10's center. I love how he labeled the bugs on his hat!

Bug # order~ choose 3 like bugs & put them in order. Then they recorded their answers. 

Buggy addition center~ they write the # of bees & ladybugs & then they count them all together & record the sum. This is a great center!

Counting On~ This one is a center that we have really needed a lot of practice with! They are finally getting the hang of counting on! Finally!

Who doesn't LOVE the computer center?!?!

ABC order~ I have really loved this center this year for the obvious reasons...beginning sounds, ABC order, etc... but, also for vocabulary building. I have a lot of ESL kids & this has been great just to build their vocabularies!

Word Building Center~ they can only stamp the word if they can read the word. They REALLY want to stamp ALL the words, so they make sure that they know those words every week!

Ohhh poetry, I totally LOVE this center! They write in the high frequency word, read the poem, and illustrate the poem. They also labeled their picture, but you can't really tell from this shot.

Ok~ I think that's it! I hope that your Monday was great! Mine was a little on the CRAZY side...I blame the Super Moon for that one! :) Don't forget to grab some goodies from the TpT sale. The sale is over tomorrow so get over there...go ahead...grab those goodies!!



Lori Rosenberg said...

Looks like so much fun!

Lori (
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Jessica Stanford said...

Love the labels on the adorable "bee bee bee" crown!!


Jessica Stanford
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