Friday, July 8, 2011

I LOVE Target!!

The dollar spot at Target is awesome for teachers this time of year! I got some great kindergarten friendly stuff...check it out:

1. Dry erase boards for writing & printing practice
2. These cards show animals & their actions...they will be great for my animals unit.
3. These cards are similar to the animal action cards, but they show the sounds that the animals make.

4. They had tons of sorting packs. They had animals, numbers, colors, shapes, etc...I got them all!

5. These cards will be great when I teach community helpers. The words describe the job.
6. I thought that these would be great when I teach transportation.
7. Insects & spiders. I love that they are real photographs.
8. Animals... again, real photographs & info on the backs of the cards.
9. Dinosaurs...the boys will love these!
*With all the cards, I am going to teach the thing on it & I am going to use them in my writing center. I am hoping that the kids will find one that interests them & be able to write a little story or fact sheet about it.

10. Alphabet cards for an ABC center or a writing center. I love that the pictures are a little silly. Maybe I will get some creative stories from them.
11. Loved these dry erase mats. I have them for an ABC center & math center.

12. And, last but not least, I adore these birthday stickers & certificates! I can't beat the price anywhere else!!