Thursday, May 30, 2013

Absence Notes

Just a thought for next year...
(Is anyone else already planning new stuff for next year, or am I the only crazy one!?!)
I whipped this up because I think that it will be so handy & parent friendly!
 Let me know what you think...

Handy Dandy, right?
Click the picture if you want one of your very own.
Have a great Thursday!!
6 more days!!!!!!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Testing 1-2-3

 We are in full blown testing mode this week in third thru fifth grades. 
For kindergarten that means that we are locked away in kinderjail


We can only leave our rooms for lunch.
 You wanna talk about pulling your hair out, drinking a tall, cold one after school, about to go I need to go on?!?
 We are all stir crazy!!!
 I know that we are the only school in the whole wide world that goes into this CRAZY lockdown mode during testing, right!?!

Well, at my school, we are assigned a buddy testing class.  We are just supposed to give them positive vibes & let them know that we are supporting them. Sooooo....we have been giving them a little treat each day. 

Here is the pre-test goodie! :)

Today was the reading portion of the test & they got these yummers from us. 
The poem says, "You read so well, You're gushing with knowledge. Forget 4th grade, you're heading to college!!" 

This is tomorrow's treat that is on their desks & waiting for them as they come into the class in the morning! 

I have one for the end of testing, too. I forgot to take the pic, but will do it tomorrow & post it for ya! 

Happy Hump Day!!
7 more days...

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Looping anyone? Needing advice...

My cuties have the summer time sillies now that the year is ALMOST over (9 more)!
 My assistant & I are in the battle to keep things at a low roar. :) 
That means LOTS of craftivities to keep those little hands & mouths busy. 
I busted out the water color paints so they could paint their jellyfish & you could've seriously heard a pin drop in the room! to our ears!
Battle #1
Teachers- 1
Students- 0

In other news... my principal has said that she is "pretty sure" that I will be looping next year. I won't know for sure until the last day of school. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I LOVE this class & think that it would be AWESOME to take them to 1st grade. But, I LOVE teaching kindergarten & I don't think that she would put me back in K the following year. She doesn't typically move people year after year.
What do you think?
Has anyone ever looped before?
Give me the good, bad, & the ugly...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Counting Down the Days!!

Summer wiggles & giggles have taken over my classroom as the year winds down! I'm sure that I am not alone on this one. 
Here is a look at our math centers this week. I triple heart love the beachy theme & the kids are diggin' it too! 
Flip Flop Fun~ writing numbers & making tens frames

Seashell Sums~ count 'em, add 'em, color 'em

This is an oldie but a goodie! 
It is not in my beach math packet...sorry!

Sandcastle Subtraction~ match cards, record equations with answers

Balls or Boats?~ write numbers, compare, color the object that has the most

All of these activities & more can be found here! Or you can click on the pic to take you there! :)

I have 10 days left & I am so ready to be outta there for a little while!!
Unfortunately, I only get a 4 week summer! 
Bummer...the only drawback of being in a year round school!

Monday, May 13, 2013

My New Love!!

I have been waiting for a while to post this. I got one of these in the mail to try out in my classroom.
I had heard the hype around blog land about this little guy & I was curious to check it out for myself. 

I am a very SERIOUS hater of ALL pencil sharpeners. 

Why you ask??

Typically for me they start off strong, I fall in love with them, & then they let me down...Hard! 
Just when I think I have found the pencil sharpener that is going to make my life blissful~ it breaks my heart & well, ticks me off a little lot!!
Here is one of many that have come into my life...

 Then I got this electric dream...
only to be let down~ and not easily! 

So, after all the pencil sharpener trauma & drama, I was skeptical about this newbie. I just knew that it was going to follow the path of all the sharpeners before it.  

It is a crank sharpener, but that doesn't bother me at all as long as it gets the job done quickly & CORRECTLY! 
(That's very teachery of me, isn't it)

I was definitely NOT disappointed. 
I wasn't hating it. 
It was actually quick, easy, & worked the way it should...WHAT?!?

And her heart grew 3 sizes that day!

I am in LOVE with this little dream! 

It is made by a teacher in a real classroom for teachers in real, great idea, huh!? 
Someone that actually understands the demands of a classroom? 
Novel idea!

Want one?
Go here to Classroom Friendly Supplies & grab one for yourself!
They are seriously the bomb diggity!!

Have an AWESOME week everyone!!
Only 18 more days for me!! 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day Cuteness!

I just love the way our Mother's Day Booklets turned out this year!
I won this Mother's Day Packet from Just Wild About Teaching & it was loaded with great ideas & pages for the booklets...not to mention the fabulous high heels!! 
Here is what some of the booklets look like from the front.
Aren't they just so cute & sassy!! 
*The Happy Mother's Day banner is NOT included in the packet. My assistant had already made them from last year, so I used them for this. There is another banner included in the packet. 
 I just love the heels on the animal print papers! 
They added the sequin bling to fancy the heels up a bit! :)

This is the poem that they wrote & attached to the inside front cover.

This is a page that I always use with my Mother's Day unit because they always turn out so cute! 

This is one of the awesome pages that you will find in the packet from Wild About Teaching. I think it turned out precious!! 

Then we put the traditional handprint flower on the inside of the back cover to finish the booklet off. I just love the finished product! It is definitely something that the moms will keep forever! <3

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Oviparous Fun

This week we are learning about oviparous animals & we made these cute little frogs. I just LOVE the curly tongues!

We also made these fun snakes that are hanging from the ceiling! My kids went nut-so when they came back from art class & these were hanging up & twirling all around! Haha!

This is a flower that one of the other K teachers at my school made for the mommas. They wrote a poem in the center. This one says:
cooks good

I thought they turned out so sweet!

I will post my Mother's Day stuff tomorrow...I couldn't get my act together today to get them all done! 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday, Monday...

Here's what my classroom looked like today during writer's workshop...

My kiddos were doing their cold write on 3 page personal narratives & they were awesome!!

Then, we did a little math & made our snakes & eggs by 5's hats. You can get your own for FREE here. We are learning about oviparous animals this week & we are off to a fun start. We made frogs, but I didn't get a pic of

In other news, are you as excited about the TpT sale as I am???
I have my cart all loaded up and ready to go!

This post has been a little wonky, but I know that you will forgive me for the goofiness! :)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

It's Teacher Appreciation Week & I am linking up with Learning With Mrs. Leeby for the TpT Sale! 
Woo hoo! 
I have been waiting for this sale.
 I have been saving my credits in anticipation of this one!
 My cart is loaded & ready to go! 

Will you be shopping this week?
What's in your cart?...maybe I should add it to mine! 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Just Poppin' In...

Happy Saturday!
I am doing a quickie little post today.
I have a blog issue & need some help!
Are any other bloggers having trouble with anonymous spam comments to your posts?
I am getting FLOODED with them & it is driving me CRAZZZZYYY!!!
How do I fix this?? 
I turned on my comment moderations so that the comments do not appear on my blog, but is this all that I can do to stop it?

In other news, I am teaching a little about oviparous animals next week & I have a little freebie for you...

Just click the pic to go get it from Google Docs!

Please leave me a comment so that I can see if the changes that I made to my comments are working! 

Thank you, friends!!