Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Markdown!

Hello friends~ 
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I have marked down my Back to School Fun Math Unit!!

Back To School Fun~ A Math Unit!

It will be 50% off!!

Get over to Kelly & Kim's Kindergarten Kreations & see all the other terrific products that awesome sellers are marking down this week!! 

Happy Monday!! 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Paper Fan Tutorial...My Latest Obsession!

So- I am super into paper fans right now...

I used to have tissue puffy balls hanging in my classroom.
They looked like this...

Please excuse the bare bones, boring  classroom. Anyway~ I hang the puff balls over each table group & that's how I organize groups & centers & well, everything...

Sooooo, I got a little tired of the puff balls after 3 years & now I am switching to fans. 

Well, I thought I would do a little tutorial so that you can make them for your very own, that is, if you like them! :)

STEP 1:  Accordian Fold a 12 x 18 piece of construction paper (about 1" folds).
*You will need 3 of these.

STEP 2: Fold all 3 of them in half.

STEP 3: Get that hot glue gun fired up & start gluing the ends of all 3 sections together!

 Keep Gluing... REMEMBER, you are just gluing the edges together...see, it's starting to look fan-ish!
 Just keep gluing....halfway there...
 Almost done, just gotta glue those last two edges together! 
 Yay! All that gluing paid off!! A pretty 12" fan! 
 OPTIONAL STEP 4: Add a label to the fan. I put the label on front & back because mine will be hanging from the ceiling & turning around occassionally.
 STEP 5: Hot Glue a ribbon on & ba-da-bing you have yourself a paper fan!! Yippie!!
Here's my little bundle of colored fans. 
My room will be rainbow chevron this year & I am LOVING these bright colored cuties!! I cannot wait to get in my classroom & hang them all up!! 

Don't worry, I will post picks!! 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

It's That Time Again!! YAY!!

Have you seen them?

There out there!!

In Target & in Wal-Mart!!!

BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!! favorite time of the year!

I am slightly obsessed with the glittery, shiny, yumminess of back to school displays...weird, right?!?!
Anyhow- I had to restrain myself from going completely nut-so & I only bought a few cutie pie things from the dollar spot. 
Here they are...

See, it's not too out of hand...yet! I just love the birthday goodies. I always give my kids a little birthday bag on their special day. The shark & butterfly bags will be their "Welcome to my Class" gift. I usually stick a glue stick, pack of crayons, pencil, eraser, & a sucker in there for them. LOVEEEEEE that dollar spot!!

Oh, oh, oh...I almost forgot that I also scored MY diet coke while I was there!! Don't you just love stuff with your name on it?? Especially when it is a DIET COKE (aka teacher crack)!!!

What about you?? Any finds I need to know about??