Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Operation SAVE THE INK!

Hey everyone!! 
Long time, NO blog! I am a bad, bad blogger!!
So sorry! But, I'm here now...yay!

So~ let's get on with it...

My class this year is HIGH energy & filled with SUPER challenging behaviors!
I have discovered that they LOVE math games...I have also discovered that making math games uses TONS of colored ink!
Well- I figured out a way to kill 2 birds with one stone & I started creating math centers that require NOOOOO colored ink & that keep my kids ENGAGED


Yep, you heard me!
These math centers are all games that my kiddos are familiar with (Go Fish, War, Matching) so I don't have to spend tons of time teaching them how to play the games. I simply bump up the skill level when they are ready. It is super important that they are independent during this time so that I can pull small groups WITHOUT being interrupted (novel idea, right)! I also want the centers to give them the important practice that they truly need.
The great thing about these math packets is that they will last me the WHOLE month of October!! 
Let me show you some pics...I'm a visual learner...

This packet is full of pumpkins!! Check it out by clicking on the pic!

This packet has cutesy Halloween graphics...there's really nothing scary here! Click the pic to check it out!

There are plenty of cards included with each game! 
I am just soooo happy about not using ANY colored ink!! 

I always like to use trinkets to keep things more interesting!

So much fun stuff!!! 

I get questions about set up of games so here you go...

I thought these teachers had some pretty creative options...

Anyhow~ thanks for sticking around until the end!!
Here's a little freebie for you!

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!!