Monday, January 27, 2014

Winter Math Centers

Look at me blogging 2 days in a row!
Well, yesterday I told you that I would give you a little peeky pie at my math centers this week.
I kept my promise!
Give this teacher a gold star! Ha!
Anyway~ here ya go...
This roll & color was definitely a favorite today. They hardly knew that they were learning to add 10 quickly. It also helped that I let them use the treasured Twistables! Oooohhh!

This is always one of my top picks. I LOVE to get them up & moving. They especially love that I try to hide the cards in tricky places. This was a great center because they had to pay attention to the number sentence on all the cards. I used many different types of equations!
The centers above came from this fun little winter math packet. You can check it out for yourself by clicking on the picture.

This is a cute little adding & graphing game. The students had to pick 2 cards out of a bag, add them together, & then graph them! I just love when multiple standards are hit!

Here was a tricky little center. They thought that they would be so quick & smart with this one & just add the 2 numbers together...oh, no...I nipped that one in the bud real quick. Once I did a couple with the group, they were completely independent. I made them write all of their equations in their math journals. Sorry my picture is a little wonky & you can't see her equations very me, she did a fabulous job!
The two games above came from my sweet friend, Christina DeCarbo. Ya'll she makes some really awesome stuff! Click the link to see this packet & the rest of her super stuff!

Of course, one of my centers is always First in Math. The kids like it okay, but they are getting a little tired of it. I wish I could find another math site to alternate with. Any suggestions?? Please??
Oh yeah, in case you missed it I posted a little Super Bowl Freebie in my TpT store. Don't forget to go & download it!
Happy Monday!
We are doing the snow dance here in NC!
I know, most of you are sick of the snow, but we haven't gotten any yet!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Long Time...No Blog

Hey there!
I am so embarrased that it has been so long since I have blogged.
Total fail~ wah, wah... :(
Hopefully, you have been following on Facebook. It is so much easier for me to pop on there & post a quick little something something.
I promise to get off my rear & blog more.
In fact, I am going to blog tomorrow about my math centers. I am going to take pics & show you what my awesome firsties are up to. I will, I will...the power of positive thinking.
In the meantime I have been posting LOTS of good stuff for February. I have made them all CHEAP because I know teachers need good deals!! :)
Here are a few of my newest...
Just click the pics to go & take a gander at each one!
Since you have made it to the is a little freebie for you.
If you are a Facebook follower you probably already have it! :)
See ya tomorrow with my winter math centers...