Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Stuff & A Freebie For Ya!

SO...I FINALLY go around to making my Back To School Math Unit. It took me FOREVER to get motivated & finish that thing. I finished the literacy one eons ago...
Back To School Fun! A Literacy Unit
I don't know what the problem has been. I think my creative juices dried up for a little while in all the heat! Anywho, here is the math unit. It deals only with the numbers 0-5. I know that when my little cuties come to me, this is all they can handle in the beginning. There are 7 different activities that are great for starting back & getting your math up and running.

Just click on the collage & it will take you right to my TpT store so you can snatch this one up! ANNNDDDD, just for my sweet followers, it will be 1/2 price for the next 2 days! That's right, you need to act fast to get this thing for half off!!

But wait...that's not all!! I have a FREEBIE for you!!!
Click here to grab it...woot woot!!

Whew...I think that is all that I have for you tonight. I have to get ready for bed...I have school tomorrow! :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Silly! & a Giveaway!

Doesn't it look so funny to see this already??

Yep, those are some of my kiddies hard at work! We have been back in session ALL week. I think that I have a sweet bunch of 22, but you can't really tell until they are all comfortable in the classroom setting and those little personalities start shining through! Here's to hoping that everyone has as great a beginning as I have!! :)

**My cute friend Brigid is having a SUPER follower giveaway! Get over there & see all the awesome stuff you could win!!**


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Newbie Blogger Linky Party! :)

Hi everyone! I am linking up with
 Grade Three is the Place for Me!
for a
I still consider myself a new blogger & I'm hoping to snag some new follower friends for my little blog! Here is my info...

1. what state you are in...I am in North Carolina! (are there any other NC bloggers out there?? I have been searching & I can't find any!)
2. your current teaching position...I teach kindergarten & Love it!  :) We start back tomorrow! WOWZERS!!

3. your teaching experience...I have taught Kindergarten for 7 years, and before that I taught 1st for 2 years.

4. when you started blogging...I started blogging seriously in March of this year.

5. share a blogging tip / blogging resource...Please turn off your word verifier! They are so annoying! Also, I can't follow you if I can't find the "follow me" button. Put it near the top of your blog so that people can find it.
If you are a newbie, head on over & join this linky party! I can't wait to find some new blogs to follow myself! :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Classroom Pics! :)

Well, my first week back was SUPER busy!! I can't believe that the students will be rolling in next week...aaaahhhhh! Luckily, we are staggering this year, so I think things will be pretty manageable.
Anyhow, here are the before and after pics of my classroom. You will see that I am not a huge fan of clutter, so things may look a little bare compared to some of the classroom pictures that you have seen lately.
Here are the before pics...
This is my whole group meeting area...look at that naked step. :(

Before view from front door.

Before view from back door.

Pretty blank & boring, huh?!

Here are the after pics...
After view from the front of the room.
Whole group more naked step! It looks much better in red! :)

Writing Station
Computer Station

Another view of whole group area.

Reading Station- right beside whole group area

Listening Station- right in front of word wall & beside reading station.
Word Wall

Weird picture- I think I was trying to show the bulletin board color scheme...

These are my cabinets (duh!) They are to your left as you look into the room. I just love those zebra curtains that cover the open shelves. I hate looking at the clutter that is behind them! ;)

These are their mailboxes. They put their agendas & homework folders in them after unpacking in the morning. Ignore my purse & teacher bag..hee hee!

This is my teacher desk. You can see that the front of it is my magnet station & my pocket chart station is on the left. I have to keep my math tubs behind my desk because some of my students have "sticky fingers".

Job Chart. I will put their pics on a fat popsicle stick & then put it in the pocket for their job.

This is the back of my room. The poms hanging over the tables tell them what color group they are in.

Teacher Table~ pretty bare, huh?!
Chart Station~ look at that cute zebra curtain! :)

 Block Station~ They pull the tub out a little & then there is plenty of room to build.

Well, there you have it! I think that I love it so far! I can't wait to get the student's work up on the walls & bulletin boards so things won't look so bare!

Monday, July 16, 2012


Well, I went back to work today! Can you believe it?
Actually, it felt good to get in there & get back in gear. I ALMOST have my room finished. I have some little touches left, so I will wait to post pics until I can unveil the finished product. I am super happy with all the cuteness in there. The zebra stuff is turning out so awesome. :)
I did post another cute little zebra-themed product on TpT yesterday. Here it is...

Literacy Center Cards~ Zebra Theme

These turned out super cute when I printed them out & put them up! Remember that I have everything on sale right now in my TpT shop. You can go there by clicking the picture below!

I will be back soon to show you all the cuteness that is my classroom! Yay!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Good-Bye To Summer, a Freebie, & a SALE!! summer is dwindling down!
I have to be back at school on Monday morning to get this party started back up.
So, while you all are continuing to enjoy your sleeping in, lounging around in your pj's, catching up on your soaps (does anyone still watch soaps??), & just flitting around as you please, I will be back to the grindstone setting up my classroom, getting ready for Open House, & sitting through all of those boring exciting beginning of the year meetings...lucky me!! :) 
Yes, I do LOVE working in a year round school. The 1/2 days, extended fall/winter/spring breaks are the bomb diggity, but...I always kinda feel a twinge of jealousy when I am going back & my traditional friends are still maxin' & relaxin'!!
Well, I have had TONS of requests to put my TpT store on sale so...I guess this will be sort of a PRE-back to school sale for you lucky ducks!

And...that's not all!! Just because I love you all I am giving you a free behavior clip chart...zebra themed, of course!

If you are not a follower of my blog and/or TpT store, PLEASE follow me! I love having new friends! I promise that I will follow you back! :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Where oh where???

Where can I find cute classroom job clipart? I have looked EVERYWHERE & I cannot find any that will work with my jobs...I thought they were pretty straight-forward!?!? Here is a list of my class jobs...
  1. Line Leader
  2. Door Holder
  3. Table Washer
  4. Recess Helper
  5. Bathroom Monitor (Boy & Girl)
  6. Light Person
  7. Paper Passer
  8. Chair Person
  9. Trash Collector
Does anyone have any suggestions? I start school next week & really want to get this made! I may have to use my old chart...ICK!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cranking Out Some New Stuff!

I just can't believe that I will be back at school NEXT week! Where has my summer gone? I will go back on the 16th, we have Open House on the 19th, & then the kiddies come back on the 23rd...EEK! I am seriously feeling the pinch of getting everything up & running.
I have been working like crazy making stuff for my classroom! Here are a few of the things that I made & posted to TpT...
I am getting ready to post a zebra themed behavior chart, zebra themed work station cards and posters & some zebra themed word wall cards. (Do you think I'm having a zebra theme....hmmmm?) I am just hoping that I can get all this cute stuff up & ready by Open House time! Yikes, I can't believe I am actually saying that!

I am working on some freebies for you & I am going to put my store on sale in honor of my going back to school...I guess it can be a "pre-back to school" sale for all of my traditional calendar friends. ;)

Stayed tuned for those freebies & that sale...

Friday, July 6, 2012

New Stuff Makes Me Smile! :)

Hello Friends!
I got back from the beach yesterday & was so happy to have 3 boxes waiting for me! Yay!
In box #1 was this~
My Skippyjon stuff from Kohl's! This little guy makes me so happy! :)

In box #2 was this~
My MPM stuff! Yay! I can't wait to get that zebra border up on my bulletin boards!

In box #3 was this~

My Hear All Assessment Recorder! I won this from Kathleen over at Growing Kinders! I am sooooo excited to try this puppy out with my kiddies!

I cannot believe that I go back to school in 10 DAYS! I am heading to school on Monday to get my room set back up. Is anyone else crazy like that? I can't stand to go back to work on the 1st official day to a classroom that is still all packed up! I feel soooooo much better if I can walk into some organization while everyone else is walking into a HOT MESS!! Ha! ;)

I will post my before & after pics when I get that place up & running!

Have a great Friday!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

July Currently

Hello Friends! I am linking up with
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For the July Currently linky party!
Here goes...

Yay, I did it!
Have a super, great, awesome night!! :)