Sunday, October 8, 2017

Get 'Em Moving!

Hi all!
I have a wiggly group of kinder kids (who doesn't- ha!) this year so it is super important for me to get them up & moving as much as possible. One of the ways I do this is through my math centers.
I LOVE to do count the room activities! 
My kinders love to work in them, too! 
Here is an example of a count the room...
Here is the set up-
First, I put apple erasers into the bags that are labeled a-i to match the recording sheet. *If you don't have apple erasers, no worries, I have included an apple sheet for you that will work perfectly! 

Then, I put those bags all over my room. It's kind of like a Hide-and-Seek game for the kiddos! 

The kiddos find a bag, count the apples, and record the number on the recording sheet.
Easy Squeezy & super easy prep! 

Here is the freebie for ya! 
You're welcome! ;)

If you want more fun stuff- here is the entire packet! It has number activities for the kinders! 

Let me know if you snag it by leaving me feedback on TpT! 
Happy Teaching!!