Sunday, April 27, 2014

They're Done...Finally!

I heard you & I have them ready!
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Good Luck!!
I have only 27 more days...come on summer!!

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Hi Friends!!
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Clock Game {FREEBIE}
Happy Saturday! :)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Firstie Friends Product Swap! :)

Hello Friends!!
Guess what??
It's a product swap & I swapped with the most awesome blogger friend a girl could have! :)
She makes the most awesome stuff, and I have used almost everything this girl makes!
Here name is Amanda Richardson and she blogs here
Mrs. Richardson's Class
and this is the product that I wanted to swap her for...
Compound Connections {activities to help you teach compoun
This product was just what my class needed!
I introduced compounds by doing the Compound Connie chant.
What's that, you say?
Compound Connie is the character that this packet is based on & Mrs. Richardson wrote a catchy little chant to go along with it...super cute!! 
 Then, it was up to them...I gave each student 1/2 of  the compound word puzzle that is included in this packet. They had to find their match & then we went around & each partner had to tell the word that was made by putting their pieces together.
Here is the puzzle & recording sheets that they worked on during centers....
Here is another great activity that is included in this packet...
There is also a cute little compound word flip book in the packet and some making compound words sheets.
I'm telling is PERFECTTTT for teaching compound words!
I hope that you will check out Mrs. Richardson's blog & TpT Store! I promise that you will be so happy that you did!! :)
Now hop over there & see which of my products she reviewed!
 Here are the bloggers participating in the swap...please stop by & tell them I sent ya!! :)
***I want to thank Cassie from
Adventures in Teaching

for setting up this fun swap! :)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Research Fun!

Hi friends!
This week has been all about RESEARCH!
We have been learning about habitats in science, informational writing in writers workshop, & in reading workshop we have been practicing "reading to learn" instead of "learning to read". So, it just made sense to tie this all in together & celebrate the ends of all these units with a group research presentation project.
I have 5 groups in my classroom & I assigned each group a different habitat.
The instructions to them was that they had to work as a team to figure out what each person would be responsible for. Each poster had to be illustrated to include animals, plants, weather, & setting that were true to their habitat. Each poster also had to have facts that included all of those things as well.
Here's how the week looked...
Day 1~ They had to assign roles & responsibilities to each member. Then, they had to decide what would be important to include about the habitat. For example, I told them not to give penguin facts on the tundra team because I wanted to learn about the tundra...not necessarily about the penguins.
 On Day 2 they were illustrating. They were told that they had to be sure to be true to the habitat. So- no purple monkeys, no cactus in the tundra, etc...
 On Day 3 the teams had to add facts to their posters. Like I said before, the facts were to be specific to teach about the habitat.
The arrows are pointing to the fact cards that they attached to the posters.
 Day 4~ We are putting the finishing touches on the posters & rehearsing for the presentations. They had to assign who would talk & when. EVERYONE had to have a talking time!
 Day 5~ PRESENTATION DAY! They were very excited & nervous, but ALL did a Fabulous job!!
All in all, I was super impressed with the teamwork that went on the entire week. I stepped out of the picture & acted only as a facilitator. When they came to me with problems, I told them that they would have to work it out with their team. They were frustrated by this response at first, but they quickly figured out that I would not referee for them & they worked everything out.

How are things going in your classroom this week??