Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Quick Hello & an Update

Hi there!

It's been a while since I have graced the ole blog! I don't even know if you are still with me...

Anyhow, I have made the transition to my new school home & I am super happy that I have made the decision. I haven't been blogging this year because I have really been focusing on my teaching & my family. I very much feel like a first year teacher even though I'm actually in year 11. This new school is just so different that I decided to put everything I know aside & learn with the new teacher mindset. It has been a growing & learning experience and I wouldn't trade it. I didn't realize that I had this level of teaching in me! I mean I have learned a whole new way to teach kiddos. I have always had my class on grade level & prepared for first grade, but this year I have my kinders on track to be G/H/I level readers by the end!  I am still in disbelief!! Don't get me wrong...I have been busting my tail! Ha!! 

Anyway, as promised, I have updated my memory book. It REALLLLY needed the facelift. Just click the pic & it will take you right to it! All you have to do is re-download it if you already own it to get the updates. Otherwise, you can stop by my FB page where I am giving one away on Friday. Or, you can get one for $2.50. 

A Kindergarten Memory Book

Have a happy day!!