Sunday, April 13, 2014

Firstie Friends Product Swap! :)

Hello Friends!!
Guess what??
It's a product swap & I swapped with the most awesome blogger friend a girl could have! :)
She makes the most awesome stuff, and I have used almost everything this girl makes!
Here name is Amanda Richardson and she blogs here
Mrs. Richardson's Class
and this is the product that I wanted to swap her for...
Compound Connections {activities to help you teach compoun
This product was just what my class needed!
I introduced compounds by doing the Compound Connie chant.
What's that, you say?
Compound Connie is the character that this packet is based on & Mrs. Richardson wrote a catchy little chant to go along with it...super cute!! 
 Then, it was up to them...I gave each student 1/2 of  the compound word puzzle that is included in this packet. They had to find their match & then we went around & each partner had to tell the word that was made by putting their pieces together.
Here is the puzzle & recording sheets that they worked on during centers....
Here is another great activity that is included in this packet...
There is also a cute little compound word flip book in the packet and some making compound words sheets.
I'm telling is PERFECTTTT for teaching compound words!
I hope that you will check out Mrs. Richardson's blog & TpT Store! I promise that you will be so happy that you did!! :)
Now hop over there & see which of my products she reviewed!
 Here are the bloggers participating in the swap...please stop by & tell them I sent ya!! :)
***I want to thank Cassie from
Adventures in Teaching

for setting up this fun swap! :)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Research Fun!

Hi friends!
This week has been all about RESEARCH!
We have been learning about habitats in science, informational writing in writers workshop, & in reading workshop we have been practicing "reading to learn" instead of "learning to read". So, it just made sense to tie this all in together & celebrate the ends of all these units with a group research presentation project.
I have 5 groups in my classroom & I assigned each group a different habitat.
The instructions to them was that they had to work as a team to figure out what each person would be responsible for. Each poster had to be illustrated to include animals, plants, weather, & setting that were true to their habitat. Each poster also had to have facts that included all of those things as well.
Here's how the week looked...
Day 1~ They had to assign roles & responsibilities to each member. Then, they had to decide what would be important to include about the habitat. For example, I told them not to give penguin facts on the tundra team because I wanted to learn about the tundra...not necessarily about the penguins.
 On Day 2 they were illustrating. They were told that they had to be sure to be true to the habitat. So- no purple monkeys, no cactus in the tundra, etc...
 On Day 3 the teams had to add facts to their posters. Like I said before, the facts were to be specific to teach about the habitat.
The arrows are pointing to the fact cards that they attached to the posters.
 Day 4~ We are putting the finishing touches on the posters & rehearsing for the presentations. They had to assign who would talk & when. EVERYONE had to have a talking time!
 Day 5~ PRESENTATION DAY! They were very excited & nervous, but ALL did a Fabulous job!!
All in all, I was super impressed with the teamwork that went on the entire week. I stepped out of the picture & acted only as a facilitator. When they came to me with problems, I told them that they would have to work it out with their team. They were frustrated by this response at first, but they quickly figured out that I would not referee for them & they worked everything out.
How are things going in your classroom this week??

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Winners & a Freebie...What?!?!

Happy Sunday, friends!!
I have one more week, 5 days, 45-ish working hours until I am on SPRING BREEEEAAAAKKKK!!!
Woo-hoo...2 weeks of NO SCHOOL for this girl!
Can you tell that I am a wee bit ready for it?! Ha!

Anyway...the winner of the kindergarten April math journals is
 Jolene White!
The winner of the 1st grade April math journals is
Erin Vaughn!
Congrats to both of you!!
Check your emails!
There is a FREEBIE today on my Facebook page.
Be sure to click over there & snatch it up!! :)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Math Journals & a Giveaway!! :)

Hello bloggy friends!!
I have finished these...Yay!!
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This is my 1st grade firsties L-O-V-E these!!
Here is my kindergarten set. It is one of my best sellers!
Thank you for that!! :)
I am going to give away one of the kindergarten sets & one of the first grade sets TONITE!
All you have to do is follow my TpT store & leave me a comment here with your email addy & which set you would like (K or 1)!
I will choose a winner tonight before I go to bed!
Good luck, friends!! 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

1000 & Going Strong!!

Thank you soooo much for following me on my Teachers Pay Teachers adventure!
Thanks to you I have reached the 1000 follower benchmark & I am super happy about it!
As a little appreciation gift I have put a freebie on my Facebook page that you are more than welcomed to snag up for your very own!! :)
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Have a super day!!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

300th Post!

I can't believe that this is my 300th post!
I haven't posted classroom pics in a while so I thought -eh why not?
So, brace yourself...let me remind you that I am teaching first grade this year so you won't see any cutesy station areas.
Here we go.....
Here's where the magic small group table.
It also doubles as my desk area because I finally bit the bullet & got rid of that monster!
I am soooooo happy I did! I'm never going back to desk life!

This is my word wall. I know, you're thinking that it is a hot mess.
Yes, it is, but it is a working word wall. The kiddos use this thing like crazy & I wouldn't want it any other way. The words & letters are all on magnets so that things can be taken down, moved, manipulated...
It is perfect! Not pretty...perfect!

This is my most, most, most favorite part of my room!
I love the timeline! We have been doing it since the beginning of the year & the kids look forward to adding on to it each month. They seriously take ownership of this thing. It is completely student created...all I do is staple the thing up!

Another timeline shot!!
Here is a pic from the door of my room. Above each table group there is a colored pom. The poms coordinate with the colors on the rug. 
Why, you say? 
I like for everything to be organized & simple. When it's time for the red team to come to the carpet they push in their chairs & take a seat on a red square. Then the orange team comes & they sit in the orange section, and so on & so forth. This takes any argument away from where everyone sits & is supposed to be.
Kids like to know EXACTLY what to do & where to be!

Here is my whole group teaching area...sorry the pic is kinda blah! 

This is my writing table. 

This is my back wall. Right now we are learning economics & the posters are wants/ needs/ goods/ services. 
The Australian flags are there because each class is assigned a country & we teach about it as part of our globalization objectives.

Remember what I said about the colored poms & special carpet spots?
Well, the same thing goes for center work. 
These are my math tubs & they go on the corresponding table colors so there is NO confusion about who is doing what! 
Keep it SIMPLE!!

Right now we are working on our book club & research units....sooo, once again, colored book bins so there is no question about which club you are in & where it is! 

Are you about to throw up with all these colored bins? I know....but when something works, it works! These are our literacy center tubs and, well, you know the deal...

Picture from the side of the room.
See that cute timeline up there?! 

Jobs board...nothin' fancy, but it works the way it needs to!

Daily schedule. 
And, yes, we have a different schedule everyday!
 It blows....I still have to refer to this chart to make sure that I am not off task! 

Counter area

Again...organization & keeping things simple!

This is a shot from the back of the classroom...ignore the little guy on the rug! <3
Here is my sink area...

This is the display I have in the hallway.
Very patriotic, huh?!

So~ there you have second home! 
Leave me some links so I can peek at your classroom! 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Measurement Fun

Hi everybody!
Here's a peek at our math today...nothing fancy just some good old
 non-standard measuring fun!
First, we measured the tools that we use everyday....
 Then, we measured our shoes...for some reason this was hilarious??
Not sure why.
Last, we documented all of our findings.
Here is how the math journals looked today.
(Don't you just love the sweet message?)
So, what fun stuff did you do in math today?