Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sick Baby :(

Hello Friends!
I am sad to report that my 2 year old little guy has pneumonia. :(
I haven't been in school at all this week & I'm not sure when I will be back. I feel sorry for my kinders because they are not getting to do all the Halloween fun stuff that I typically do during this week. I just couldn't bear to put all that on a sub....I knew they were going to be a little haywire with excitement, so I tried to keep the plans as low key as possible for the substitute.
I am so excited to teach my class about elections & voting (I hope I get back to school to teach it). I did make an election packet & I think that it breaks it down to a very simple level that my kinders will understand. Here it is in case you missed it...
So, tonight I created this to go with the packet. You can click the pic to download it for FREE!
OK, that's it for now. I am off to give the little guy a breathing treatment...boo.


lorena said...

Hope your little one is better. :)

Kindergarten Myles said...

Sick toddlers are no fun. Hope yours is feeling better soon.

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