Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall Freebie For You!!

A sweet friend asked me to make this center for her and I thought I would share the love with all of my faithful followers! If you are not a follower of my blog and/or TpT store, please follow me so you can keep getting all the fun freebies! You can also follow me on Facebook and Pinterest. I will be so happy! :) Ok, enough's the freebie for ya!!
Please leave comments & feedback...I love to hear from you!
Enjoy the freebie!! :)


SC Teacher 28 said...

Perfect literacy center activity! Thanks for sharing!

KinderKids Fun

Ms. Patterson said...

I saw it when you posted it on TpT! It is really cute

I love all your work

Pocket Full of Kinders

Shuna P

Jen said...

Awww...thanks you guys!!
You make me smile! :)

sspeller said...

My kids LOVE Write the Room! They will have a blast with this! Thanks!

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