Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Firefighters Came to School!!

Hi everybody!!
We had a BUSY day at school today!!
We did this little crafty to end our dental health unit.
On the bottom lip she wrote "I have 20 teeth". 
I love making these every year! happened...the FIREFIGHTERS CAME TO SCHOOL!!

You would've thought we had a famous rockstar, or the president, or Mickey Mouse! 

The kids were about to LOSE their mind with excitement. 

 We went outside & took a tour of the truck. For some wacky reason the kids were most excited about seeing the axes!?! Weird!

 They came into our classroom & taught us all about their gear & the importance of it in a fire. We also learned not to hide from the firefighter even though they look & sound a little strange.
 But, the BEST part was going into the safe house! We learned all about being safe around the fireplace, in the kitchen, and in the bedroom. We learned how to stop, drop, & roll and how to stay low to get under the smoke!
The ceilings in the safe house are only 4 feet tall & the kids thought this was a trip! It has a little mini-kitchen, living room, & a bedroom upstairs. The firefighters did an awesome job!!

We had a fun day & now I am going to be resting on the couch with my Diet Coke if you need me!


Sarah said...

That sounds exhausting but fun! I love that teeth project. Too cute!

Clearly Kindergarten

Mrs. Leeby said...

Ha! It looks like you had a super fun day! What lucky kiddos!

(now I am going to be resting with a glass of wine on my couch :))
Learning With Mrs. Leeby

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