Monday, February 18, 2013

Does anyone else do this??

I don't know about you, but I HATE desk tags on my tables/desks!

I mean, I think that they are super cute & very useful but, they ALWAYS end up looking ICKY & GROSS!! 

 I have tried everything to make them work & to stay put...laminating them, desk sleeves, wide packing tape to attach them...but those picky little kinder fingers always get them up & yucky looking...

Well, to combat this little problem here is what I do.

Yep, I write right on the tables!
I bust out my thick black Sharpie & I go to town.
When I need to change my groups I grab this guy & give the names 1 quick squirt.

Here's what it looks like after about 30 seconds. 

Then I just wipe it away with a dry rag & PRESTO...names are all gone! 

Now I am all ready to make new groups! See?
Can you see that I am able to differentiate a little, too. 

I  would NOT recommend using any of the colored Sharpies. They don't come off nearly as easily as the plain old black ones for some reason.

So, that is my helpful hint for the day! :)


ronnie said...

I'm going to have to get up my nerves to try this. :)

Mary McGough said...

I have used other colors of Sharpies. The trick is to write over them with a dry erase marker then wipe them with Expo cleaner or a Mr. Clean eraser.

Jen Elliott said...

Mary- I did not know that! Thank you for sharing that awesome little tip!! :)

Lisa Parnello said...

I love doing this! I have a tiny class now, so desk labels are unnecessary, but in my big classroom I always did this! Works like a charm! I also like to do it for kids who need little reminders! Great way to write tiny note!

The Lower Elementary Cottage

Mrs. Leeby said...

Ah! Great tip! My desks are so nasty from the name plate holders. Ew! I will for sure do this next year!

Learning With Mrs. Leeby

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