Friday, February 22, 2013

Honest Abe & A Sale!

Hi All!!
Today we wrapped up our President's Day unit with good old Honest Abe.
This has been a fun little unit for my class! 
They REALLY got into it!

By the way, we painted Abe's beard using the pom-pom in the clothespin method to give him the scruffy bearded look.
If you haven't tried painting like this, you really should! 
The kids had a ball with it! 

In other news, I have FINALLY finished the literacy unit for my St. Patrick's Day theme. 
I am putting both of my units (math & lit) on sale this weekend for a measly $3.00 each! 

If your interested just click on the pic to take you there!

Have a Happy weekend!!!


Erin said...

Oh my word! I never thought of painting with pom poms like that. I know what needs to go into next week's lesson plans. Thanks for sharing!


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