Wednesday, February 27, 2013

TIRED!! anyone else ready for SPRING BREAK!! 

I'm telling ya' the weeks are getting longer & longer! 

I had a 4 day week last week with the President's Day holiday AND I have a four day week (with students) this week with a workday on Friday & I feel like I am about to give out!

Why do 4 day weeks feel so LOOOOOONGGG?

Okay, done complaining...

Just for listening I am giving you a freebie!

I am doing this one this week in my stamping center & the kids are really digging it!

Enjoy it!

PLEASE take a second & pin it for me! 
Pretty please, with toothpaste on top! Hee hee!! :)

You are the best bloggy friends!!


Sarah said...

I agree with spring break needing to come asap! Although I have to say, February flew by! :) Our spring break is mar. 29th-april 6. Almost here!!


sspeller said...

So cute! Would you be willing to post a blank one so we could program it with more difficult words? Thanks!

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