Saturday, March 2, 2013

March Currently!!

Yay!! Match is HERE! I love March because that means that Spring & warmer weather is just around the corner!
I am hooking up with Farley again for this month's CURRENTLY!
Here you go...

My like/love/hate have to begin with J...Pretty sure you had that one figured out being that my blog title has my name in it!

I like jammies..who doesn't love to spend a lazy day lying around in your favorite pair of jammies?!?

I LOVE jewelry...duh!!

I hate junk & clutter & all things trashy looking. I like organization & neatness! 

There it is folks...get over to her blog & link up to join the fun!!


oh' boy said...

thanks so much for linking up... you would hate my house... I am a LOVER of JUNK... if it has rust and shows so extra worn out love... I buy it!!! my grandma once said my house should be in better homes and gardens BUT it would have to be a special edition for junkers... it was a compliment :)
BUT we do have something in common... I LOVE ME SOME JEWELRY!!!

Jessica Carlton said...

I got a laminator for Christmas...but now I am picky about what I laminate! I need the warm weather to arrive too!

The Polka-dotted Teacher

Danielle said...

So with you on the lesson plans...I'm sitting here trying to convince myself to work on them :)

Carolina Teacher

Sherrie said...

I joke that it's a good thing I have a job or I would never get dressed out of my jambes! I have to agree with you that it's the ultimate comforts, especially during our cold winters in WI. I bought a laminator 2 summers ago and have never used it. I always end up laminating stuff at school.

Miss Trayers said...

I love the Jammies answer. I had to come up with ones for J too, it was hard, wasn't it? I should be working on lesson plans too *sigh*. :)


Sara said...

I heart jammies! Happy to be your newest follower!
Polka Dot Kinders

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