Thursday, February 21, 2013

Feeling Presidential!

We are learning all about American Symbols & Presidents! 
My students are having a ball learning all this cool stuff!

We started out the week by watching a BrainPop about American symbols & reading a little non-fiction book.
After that, we created this fun little interactive writing chart.
My kids LOVE interactive writing!!

Today we learned all about George Washington (we watched another BrainPop & read a non-fiction book) & made these cute little masks! 
They held up their masks & told the story of George...I am so proud of all the info they were able to tell! 

Here are some of my President's Day centers...
This is from Deedee Wills' February writing center pack.
(I triple heart LOVE these!!)

This is from my President's Day literacy pack. 
This was my students' 1st time with word unscrambling & I was a little nervous...but, they rocked it!
 I did provide them with letter tiles so that they would be able to manipulate the letters. 

This one is also from my literacy pack.
They have to use their sounds to write the word.

This is one that I whipped up last minute...I really needed a stamping center & I like the way this one turned out. 
I went old school & hand drew it super quick (bet ya couldn't tell...HA) & the kids have been having a ball with it! 
They cannot add the stars or the colors until they have stamped all the words twice.

Ok, I will return tomorrow show you the Abe Lincoln stuff we will be working on!
 I know you just cannot wait...hee hee!! 

 Happy {almost} Friday! :) 


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