Saturday, February 9, 2013

100th Day

This is going to be a lame little post! 
I had tons of pictures from our super cute 100th day activities...
then, my 2 year old got hold of my phone...
the rest is history! 
He deleted most of my pics save just a few, which I will show you now...Boo! 
How does a 2 year old even know how to do stuff like that??? 
Well, lesson learned. 
No more phone for Tate!
Here are the few fun pics from my class...sad!

Here are our cute bubblegum machines! This one was a huge hit. 
I had 10 bingo daubers & they had to use each one to make 10 gumballs. 
The front of the gumball machine says, "_____ had a ball on the 100th Day!"
(Can you see our hat in the bottom left corner? Yea, that's the only shot we have of a complete one *sigh*)

Here is a hat in the making. They had to stamp 10 stamps on each strip & attach the "100 Days Smarter" sign. 
Another hit! 
See pic above for a glimpse of the finished hat.
 *double sigh*

This is one of MY favorites 
(they liked it too, it just didn't rank as high as the hats or gumballs). 
They added our 100th day poem to their poetry notebooks, decorated a fancy 100, & drew in 100 balloons! 
This one was still working when I snapped the pic.

Well, sadly, that is all that I can show hoo!

I hope that everyone had a Happy 100th Day!!


Danielle said...

How sad about your pictures! I'm sorry :( I love the gumball machines...definitely adding that to my list for next year!

Carolina Teacher

Erin said...

I'm sorry to hear about your pictures. My two year old has dialed contacts in my phone a few times. :) I love the gumball machine. I have been seeing other blog posts about it as well but I think they are gluing the circles on. I like the idea of the bingo dabbers. I am adding this to my list of 100th day activities coming up this Tuesday.


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