Sunday, January 4, 2015

Deep Breaths!

Hello friends! 
I mentioned in my last post that starting tomorrow my school is making the shift to Conscious Discipline.
So I've been reading this

and this
to try and understand what changes I will be making in my classroom in the new year!
I love what I have learned so far & I will say that I am very optimistic about what this program can do for me & my little cuties. I am already doing some of the components so I am hoping that the rest will come somewhat easy (can things go easy? ha!)
Conscious Discipline is all about students feeling safe. This doesn't seem like a huge thing- but, when you are a child coming from a home that is unsafe, it is EXTREMELY important that there is somewhere that you can feel safe. I teach a population that is high poverty & their home lives are scary & sad. So it is super important to their well being, learning, self image, confidence, etc... that they feel safe when they are with me at school. 
Here is what I am planning to do to jump start this new journey...
I have been talking a LOT with my friend Heather! She is super helpful & knows SOOOOO much. She has been using CD in her classroom forever! She has tons of great info/ advice & I am so thankful that we are friends!!! 

Following her advice I made this:
Each student has a puffy heart with his/her name on it. 
Everyday as part of our morning ritual they will bring me their heart & we will have a little dialog about being safe & keeping our hearts safe. It is MY job to keep them safe & it is their job to help me. They bring the heart to me & after our little dialog the heart will go in the heart bucket so that they will be safe all day long. I am going to make an anchor chart supporting this about ways that we can be safe. (I'll post those pics after we make it)

I'll check back in tomorrow & let you know how things go for us! 

Have a great first day back for those of you that start tomorrow!! :)


Heather's Heart said...

I love this post and that you are starting on this journey! I am excited to hear how tomorrow goes. :)

Love you friend!

Heather's Heart

Aimee Farrell said...

Where did you find those puffy hearts?

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