Thursday, January 8, 2015


Hello friends!
As you know, I have been implementing Conscious Discipline this week. Like any new program, it will take time to get everyone on board & in the routine. It is a new way of thinking for the me & for the kiddos. Here are some things that I am noticing...

  1. My kiddos had no idea how to shake hands & maintain eye contact until we practiced it a bazillion times in our morning meetings this week. :)
  2. I have had to adjust the way that I speak & respond to students...I am definitely more aware of the things that I say to them. No more, "I like the way Bob is sitting on the carpet"...
  3. My kiddos are more aware of the way that they speak to each other. I hear MUCH more courteous language. Instead of "Get out of my way" it's more like "Can you move, please?" (baby steps)
  4. I am thrilled to NOT have a clip chart or card system to mess with. I thought that this would be a difficult transition, but it has been much easier than I thought.
  5. I have more kiddos buying into the program than I initially thought I would. Yay! 
That being said, here is one of my new favorite things that I have implemented in my classroom this week.

Remember these?

Well, I introduced them to the kiddos by telling them that I had a special treasure that I have to protect. I asked them if they would help me protect the treasure that is in my bucket. I went around the circle & had them make a commitment to protect the treasure inside. After everyone committed, I opened the bucket & showed them & gave them their own special heart. 
To begin our morning meeting I have them hold their hearts in their hands, give it a hug, & warm it up by holding it against their own heart. After that, they come to me one by one. I say to them "NAME, I am going to keep your heart safe today" & they respond "Thank you, Mrs. Elliott. I am going to help you keep my heart safe today." Then we high five & they take their seat around the meeting circle. 
There are some that think that it is silly, but I make them do it & reiterate that it is my job to keep them safe. 

**I know that it is helping us to build a tighter classroom family & I like the fact that I know I have touched base with each student in a positive way to start our day.**


Tami said...

I like this. We are using PBIS but these hearts could easily find their way into my classroom. Where did you get the hearts?

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