Friday, January 16, 2015

Winter Math Fun!

Let's talk math...

Math in my classroom looks like this:

First, we do a whole class mini-lesson. It takes 15-20 minutes or so.
Next, we complete an exit ticket based on that day's mini-lesson skill. It takes 4-5 minutes tops.
Then, I briefly (like 5 minutes) explain the math centers. I do not have to do a lot of explaining this time of year because the centers are all familiar. I just change the skill/ difficulty, but the activities are always the same. 
After that, they work in centers for about 12 minutes.
Finally, we finish up & meet back on the carpet for a quick closing. 

We don't have as much time this year for math, but we make every minute count!! 

Here is a peek at this week's fun!

My kiddos have been having a blast with these math centers....
Snowy Fun ~Ink Saving Math Centers!
(click the pic to see more)

Here are a few pics of our fun! 
Mitten 3 digit Addition
I decided to make the 3 digit addition mitten game into an add the kiddos needed to move around this week!

This is one of the Mitten dice games that my kiddos LOVE to play!

This is a roll & dot...another of their faves! :)

There are more math centers in this packet, but we can't use all of them in one week. It usually takes 2 weeks for us to use all of them! 

My school uses IXL math.
My kiddos LOVE it & it makes it really easy for me to have a pre-planned center where I choose the activity for them to focus on! 

If you got this far you may want to snag this little freebie!! 

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