Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Keeping Safe!

Hello friends!

Today was day 2 of Conscious Discipline for me & the kiddos. Today the morning meeting went a little smoother...that progress, right?! 

Anyway~ let's get to it...

So, yesterday the kiddos & I made this anchor chart by having them brainstorm ways that we can be safe. 
We read & re-read the chart at several points throughout the day.

Today, after reviewing the chart, cutie girl student raises her hand and says, "Mrs. Elliott, you DO know that there are more ways than that to stay safe, right?" 
Of course, that jump started a big discussion of other ideas to stay safe. 
BUT, we had NOWHERE to write them on our chart. 
  What ever shall we do??? 

I had them talk to their partners of ways that we could add the new ideas to our chart.

Here is what they came up with...
Ick...sorry for the blur! :(

They cut out hearts...yes I threw in a little symmetry lesson. Ha! 
Then they wrote their ideas on the hearts.

Did I mention that they are brilliant?! :)

After they had all of their ideas ready each student took a turn reading & explaining their heart idea. 

Then, and this is a biggie, I let them pull the tape off of the dispenser & hang them all.by.themselves.

Who knew that using the tape would be such a major bonus?!?!

Here is a close up of some of their hearts...
"Do not be selfish"

"Be kind to friends" & "Do your best"

I was pretty impressed with how invested they were in this heart/ safety activity. 
They even asked if they could take some of the hearts home to hang around their house....whoa!

 Here is one of the brain breaks that we did today.
It tied in perfectly with our "learning to greet each other" activity that we do during morning meeting. 
They were so funny doing these silly handshakes! 

In other news...some of you have been emailing me asking what my daily schedule looks like so I snapped this pic on my way out of the door this afternoon. 
Social Studies changes to Science every other week. 

Have a great Tuesday!! 


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