Monday, December 29, 2014

My Apologies...

Hello bloggy friends!

Are you even still there??

I am here to confess my bad blogging sins. 

I don't really have an excuse...well, I kinda do.

I have a super challenging class this year. I have tried all my normal magic, but things are just NOT falling into place like they should be. My kiddos are, well, kinda mean. I have had very little luck in getting them to gel & feel like a little school family. I am usually a behavior/family-building/discipline ROCK STAR with my littles. This year, I have just really been beside myself trying to figure out what I can do for these kiddos. 

The one thing I refuse to do is GIVE UP

That being said, I am embarking on the Conscious Discipline philosophy.
 I have just started reading/researching all the info, and while I feel a little lot overwhelmed, I am going full on. My ENTIRE school is getting on board with CD & I am excited to start this new journey! 

Do any of you have any advice for me?

What do I absolutely need to have to get started on DAY 1 when I go back to school on Monday?


lorena said...

I've not heard of this. I hope it works out. :) Will you be blogging your journey with it?

Suzy Q said...

Please share...I am in the same boat this year (thankfully not mean, just other issues) and for the first time ever we are still not all on the same page! (Namely, mine!)

Rachael Coe said...

Our pre-k uses CD and the rest of the school uses 2nd step. I have borrowed some of the books from CD and they really do make a difference! I wish we could use CD for our kinder kiddos. It's much more kinder friendly than 2nd step.

Connie Jensen said...

You are not alone. This is year 29 for me, and I have never had a group with such little affect--positive or negative.

amenendez said...

CD takes a while to see progress....don't get frustrated and give up. I always start with building a school family and help kids feel connected with each other and to you. Once children feel safe and connected, everything else will begin to fall into place. Sometimes, you have to put all academics aside and just focus on being with your class to build that safe place. Once children feel like they are all part of the same "team" not not competing with each other, they really do start to take care of each other. If you have any of the Shubert books they are a great way to introduce the CD skill you want to focus on. Take it slow...CD will change your life :)

Amanda Viverette said...

I wish you the best and look forward to hearing about the progress the kiddos make!! I know they are lucky to have a teacher like you!

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