Monday, January 5, 2015

Day One of Conscious Discipline

Hello friends!
Well, today was day 1 of implementing Conscious Discipline for me & my kiddos. 
I started the day with the morning meeting where I taught them that my job is to keep them safe & their job is to help me. 
We learned how to greet each other with a handshake, eye contact, & kind words. I was surprised at how self conscious this made some of them. They looked visibly uncomfortable making eye contact & greeting their friends. I think this is a good thing as I work to make them feel safe & secure with themselves, their friends, & the environment. 
After the greeting time, I taught them a destressing, breathing technique that they could do if they start to feel stressed. They LOVED this. I still need to figure out how to teach them how to know when they need to use this. 
At the end of the meeting we reviewed all the new information & did a class cheer.
I am hoping that this ritual will allow them to have a smooth, positive jump start to their day.

Later in the day...we revisited what it means to be safe & ways that we can be safe at school. We made this anchor chart to support our ideas. 

After reading & re-reading the chart a bajillion times, we watched this on BrainpopJr.

We talked about what to do in different bullying-type scenarios. 
They really got into this...

I won't say that today was perfect, but it was a start. I still had a couple of students that have behavior challenges that just didn't get on board with the rest of us today. I am just going to keep plugging along & see what happens. 

How was your first day back?! 


Aimee Farrell said...

Was this a book you found? I was trying to look for it when I read that you were going to start this.

Aimee Farrell said...

Never mind, I just found the link to the book in your last post :)

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