Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Bad Blogger is Back! :)

Long time, no blogging! :(
I am so sorry to be absent from my little blog. I hope that you didn't think that I have abandoned it! Better yet, I hope that you haven't abandoned me!!

I did manage to make a cute little 5 senses mini-unit since Scrappin' Doodles made the cute graphic set. Not to mention, I am teaching the 5 senses next week & those graphics came out just in the knick of time!! Don't you just love it when that happens?!?


This unit has an easy reader, writing pages, a song to introduce each of the senses, and a booklet that the students make as they are learning the senses! The booklet has labeling and cut & paste activities. It is perfect for kindergarten!
I am so excited to use this unit with my kinders this week! I PROMISE that I will post pics & updates this week! Here is a freebie from the unit just for YOU!
Just click the pic & download the preview to get it for your very own!

But, wait!!! There's more...the first person who can guess when my birthday is will get the unit for FREE!!! Here's a hint...I am a September girl!
Good Luck!!


Sandra said...

Right in the middle... September 15th!!
Sweet Times in First

Tamara @ Lifes A Beach in 1st Grade said...

September 16th

Life's A Beach in First Grade

ruthp said...

September 19th


Liz said...

September 17?
Teaching in the Valley

Heather said...

For some reason, I want to say it is today, September 9. But I also want to say September 25th.

Going with my first guess of September 9.

Heather (

Rachel said...

I'll say September 25 because it's my son's birthday!

sspeller said...

I am going to say September 22nd. It is a very popular September day!!!

Jen said...

The winner is Tamara! :)
My birthday is September 16th!
Thanks everyone for playing!

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