Monday, September 10, 2012

5 Senses & Other New Stuff!

Hi Everyone!
This week I am teaching about the 5 senses during my science time. Yesterday I made & posted this unit...
Today I started with sight and we learned this song
We labeled our eyes like this...
We even had time to read this...
We had so much fun with all the sight activities! We also did a little writing piece, but I forgot to take the picture...Oops!
All of the activities are included in my 5 Senses Unit. Just click the picture to grab it for yourself!
Here are some other new things that I created this weekend:
~Awesome Apple Math Unit~
Ok, so the picture is a little small, but this is an apple themed math unit. It has 6 easy & ready to go centers that you can use speedy quick! If you download the preview, there is a FREEBIE for you! :)
I love to teach about weather! Here is last year's post about my  weather unit...I always make a booklet with them, but the pages were a little hokey so I made this:
My Weather Booklet
Every year I teach a different type of weather for each day of the week & we make a little craft to go along with it. Then I take them all and compile a booklet for each student. These ALWAYS turn out waaaaayyyy cute & the kids have soooo much fun making & learning about each weather type! You can grab yours by clicking the picture!
Yesterday I gave away the 5 Senses Unit to Tamara from Life's A Beach in First Grade for correctly guessing my birthday (September 16th)! Yay for Tamara!!
***Today I will giveaway my 2 new units for the first person to guess how old I will be next Sunday!! ***
Go ahead...give it your best shot!!
Good Luck, friends!!!
Ok...that's it for now!
Will we ever not be exhausted after school?!?


ruthp said...

Happy birthday!


Lisa R. said...

I'm going to guess 32!

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Vera said...

Oooh I'm going to guess a young 35!
A BLT adventure

Heather said...

I'm going to guess you are turning 30.

Heather (

Kindergarten Myles said...

How about 33? I have 3 kids and my name is Jenn, too. So I'm guessing it is in the 30s like me. :)

prlhrbr at

Cindy said...

Well 29 of course...... :o)


Nicole said...

I'm guessing 30! If you started teaching right out of college... that would be 22 or 23... so I'm hoping I'm right! :)
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Jen said...

Nobody has guessed it yet! Keep trying!! :)

Mrs. Brown said...

Oh what about 31?

Rachel said...

I'll go with 31!

Rachel said...

Sorry, someone already said 31, I will say 36.

Laura Park said...

I will have to go with 37! Happy birthday!

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