Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Here's What's Going On...

Here are some of the math & literacy centers that I am using this week...

This is an addition center. They write down how many ice cubes each penguin has & then they add them together & record their answers. Great Center!

Measuring Center~ They are finding things in the classroom that are taller, shorter & the same size as the penguin.

This is another measurement center where they are using standard & non-standard measurement. They measure their penguins & then record the measurements on the sheet.

This is a center where they put the penguin/ polar bear coins in the cup, spill it out, count how many of each they have, record their answers, & then circle the one that has more.
This is a counting/ number writing center. They count the fish on the penguin card & then record the # on the sheet next to the correct penguin #.
This is a closer look at the pocket chart sheet.
Pocket Chart Center. They make & read the pocket chart a few times. Then, they complete the sheet.

This is an ending sound sorting center. They sort the pictures onto the correct mat according to the ending sounds. When they finish they get list paper & write the words.

This is a rhyming puzzle in the puzzle center.

The class made books are always the favorites in the reading center.

I am loving this non-fiction center! They learned about penguins last week & in this center they are filling in facts that they know about penguins. They are aloud to use the tree map that we made together to help them spell.
Blend Center~ They are learning about the /ch/ blend. They cut out the pictures that begin with the /ch/ sound.
The writing center is always fun...I am getting ready to make some exciting changes to it in February.
Sorry that the pictures kind of posted a little wacky. ;) At least they are all right side up!


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