Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to Business

The first day back was not too bad. Everyone was a little tired, but ready to be back at school. Here are a few of today's winter themed math centers. In my class students only visit one math center per day.

In this center they have to match the number side of the mitten to the dot side.They loved this center, as you can see! :) I printed these from Childcareland a couple of years ago.

This is just a closer view of the mittens.

This is a spatial visual center with winter themed shapes. She is working on making a polar bear. I should've taken a better shot of this...sorry!

This is a favorite center. They draw a colored card, count the snowmen on the card, and then they color the corresponding number on the snowman paper. They love to get their turn in this center.

This is another counting center. They look at the number on the snowman and then they add that many buttons to him.

Can you tell that we are working a lot with numbers & number sense? I am really trying to make sure that my students have a firm grasp of reading numbers, writing numbers, & counting! So far I am pretty pleased with their progress! Tomorrow I will post some of my literacy center photos.



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