Thursday, July 2, 2015

Reflection #3 Now Hiring!

Hello Blog Friends!
Today I am blogging about classroom jobs.
Work it!! 

I have always had classroom jobs for my kiddos. They LOVE to have a job & contribute to our classroom community. To be honest, I LOVE to have the extra help with things around the room.

I don't usually have a job for every student...but, now that we are using Conscious Discipline, every student gets a job so that they will feel like they are a part of the school family. 
Now, managing 20 jobs can be a bit cuh-ray-zee overwhelming! So, I picked jobs that I genuinely need & that are VERY important to the functioning of my classroom.

Here's a rundown:
1. Line Leader- duh, someones gotta get us where we're going.

2. Door Holder- don't let the door hit ya....well, you know!

3. Trash Helper- This person helps with trash in the room & in the cafeteria.

4. Chair Stacker- stack those chairs at the end of the day!

5. Snack Helper- our school provides snack. This person goes to get it & passes it out.

6. Recess Bag- carries out the bag of balls, chalk, jump ropes, etc...we gotta play!

7. Lights- another fave...who knew flipping the light switch could be so exhilarating!?

8. Computer Kid- turn 'em on, sign 'em in, & at the end of the day shut 'em down!  This one takes a very responsible kiddo!

9. Teacher Helper- this kiddo is at my beck and call! There's no telling what this kiddo will have to do! I do make sure that this kiddo has stuff to do every day! 

10.Table Washer- washes those lunch tables...also wipes down class tables when we have spills & such.

11. Fork Collector- collects everyone's forks at lunch & gives them to the dishwasher...gross but they LOVE this one.

12. Sweeper- sweeps the cafeteria after lunch & sweeps the classroom at the end of the day. 

13. Paper Passer- another fave...passing out paper to everyone is AWESOME!

14. Mailbox Manager- this one gets everyone's agenda & homework folder out of the mailboxes & puts them on student desks so that I can fill them out before Operation Pack Up! 

15. Calendar- before the bell rings in the morning, this kiddo puts the new date on the calendar AND...wait for it...gets to write it ON. THE. BOARD!! WOWZA!!

16. Heart Helper- This one passes out the class hearts before morning meeting. Read about that HERE.

17. Cubby Kid- This kid takes care of one of my biggest pet peeves!! He makes sure that everyone's backpacks, jackets, etc are IN the cubbies...not on the floor, not on the counter, IN the cubbies! 

18. Sink Cleaner- We eat breakfast in the classroom so the sink gets GROSS! This person cleans it, strains all the cereal (gross, right?!), & makes sure that the soap & paper towels are stocked.

19. Librarian- I am super picky about this job! This kiddo makes sure that the leveled library is on point! She has to re-file all the books that are re-shopped everyday back into their proper place. 

20. Caboose- Someone's gotta close the door when we leave the room, right! :)

So, that's a run down of my jobs...

I rotate the jobs each Monday so that everyone gets a new job each week. It's really simple, works really well for me, & it is STRESS free! Before ANY jobs are assigned I make sure that I have REALLLLY taught the expectations & procedures for each job. If I see that a job is not being done to my liking I stop the presses & reteach it right then & there! 

So, that's it!! 
If you've hung around this long you will be glad to know that there is a FREEBIE in it for you!! 
Woo Hoo!!

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