Monday, June 29, 2015

Just Breathe!!

Hello bloggy friends!
Yesterday I blogged about items that I use to help the kiddos refocus & calm themselves down.
You can read about that here.

I thought I would piggyback off of that post & talk about breathing for a bit.

So, with Conscious Discipline we do a LOT of deep breathing activities to refocus & calm ourselves down. We also do the breathing activities when we are stressed or overwhelmed or just need to give ourselves a little break. I find it to be helpful to the kids that will actually do it. I still have a few hold outs that aren't crazy about stopping to take the time to breathe deeply 3 times to calm down...I'm gonna keep working on them though! 

I love to find fun breathing techniques that my kiddos love & will engage in...
One of our class favorites is "Pizza Breathing".

Here is a quick explanation of how to pizza breathe~
1. Hold palms facing up in front of your chin as if you are holding a slice of pizza.
2. Take a deep breath in through your nose as if you are smelling the pizza. Make sure you are breathing in for 3 seconds.
3. Exhale as if you are blowing the pizza to cool it down. This is also calming in that you can feel the breath going across your palms.
**Make sure to repeat these steps 3 times.

What about you?

Have you tried breathing techniques in your class
to help the kiddos refocus?


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