Sunday, July 26, 2015

2015-2016 Classroom Picture OVERLOAD!!

Hello Bloggy Friends!
The 2015-2016 school year is off and running! My students scampered in bright & early on Thursday morning. 
Here is what they saw...
This is taken from the doorway looking in.
This was taken from the back of the room to the front. My door is just to the right out of the pic.
It all look a little naked right now until I get some student work up!
This is where the small group magic will be happening!
My window with the cutie pie curtains that my mom made for me! 
My writing & science boards that hang above the small group teacher table. You can't tell here, but they have polkadot border & solid colored border. I love the layered look! 
My math board...I LOVE the pennant banners! So much cuter than the boring old die cut letters!
I am a Conscious Discipline classroom so I have to have a "Safe Spot". This is where they come to chill out, calm down, & just collect themselves so that they can  focus on learning....
I had the art teacher paint this tree for me. I took pictures of all the families that came to Open House & I will add them to our class family tree. It hangs above our safe spot so that they can be comforted by seeing their families! <3
My naked word wall...
A closer shot....
The other side of my board...I know, boring! It will get filled up!! I promise!
My calendar board...again, LOVE the polkadot layered borders! 
Here is my cutie pie rocker that my mom painted & made a pillow for! Just love it!!
My counter/ sink area. Yep, my mom made these cutie curtains, too! I love them. They hide my construction paper & read alouds! I hate to see clutter!
I got these awesome pencil containers & inspirational sign from Target. They rocked the dollar spot this year!  

This is my door!
This is my job board that also doubles as a name chart. You can get the job cards here.
My reading board...excuse the nakedness!
Social Studies...
This hanging file will hold their personal data folders...they will be tracking their own data. I'll blog about that later! 
My class leveled library...The rainbow carts will hold unfinished work.
These signs hang over my table groups. They all have a different color & shape. I love to squeeze in learning whenever I can. I may call them by color, by shape, or by attributes of their shapes...oh, the possibilities....
My mini lesson area. The red step was made by my stepdad because my board doesn't go up & down and most of my littles couldn't reach the board! Problem solved! 
I put these on my mean, harsh flourescent lights...the lighting is so much softer now. It made a HUGE difference! 
This sign hangs outside of my door with my class list.
I got this banner from First Grade Blue Skies & it is SUPER cute!!
More banner...
The whole wall leading up to my door....excuse the trash can! 
This is leading up to my door from the other side of the hallway...

Well, that's it!
I'll post again when I get more stuff up & you can see the cuteness!!
Thanks for looking!! 


Kristen Elliott said...

I love your name sign! Where did you get it?? From one Mrs. Elliott to another ;)

Jen Elliott said...

Ha! How about that!?! I got it from They come plain & you can paint them however your want! I love it! I'll probably change it every year!! :)

Courtney Eimer said...

Love your room! I do conscious discipline as well at my school. Last year was my first year and I really need to spruce up my safe area - thanks for the ideas about family pictures!

Amanda Viverette said...

Looks great!! Loving the layered borders with the black background! Loved being able to see the new class decor--it was as if I was walking around in there myself!

JB Kelley said...

Your room looks great! I haven't even started working in my classroom. I wish you all the best!

Kelly McFarland said...

I can't believe your kiddos started back already! Wow! Your room looks fabulous. I really like the pennant borders and that rocking chair is too cute!

Lattes and Lunchrooms

Maryann said...

Your room looks great! Where did you get your material for the curtains and the rocking chair pad? I need to make curtains for some of my shelves -cover up those ugly shelves!!!
Since you started school in July, what month do you finish since you have an early start?

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