Sunday, July 19, 2015

Reflection Post #4~ Teacher Clothes!

Hello Bloggy Friends!! 

Well, it's that time in the program where I have to retire the yoga pants & t-shirts during the week and bring out the teacher clothes! 

Yes, I am officially back to school! Ahhhhh~ where did my summer go??

Today I am blogging about my favorite teacher clothes! 

You should know that I do not dress super fancy at work & I NEVER wear heels!! I am waaaay too uncoordinated for that! 
I do try to dress professionally while still being as comfy as possible. There is never a time that you want to be up there teaching & have on that one pair of pants that give you a constant wedgie! 
Am I right???

So, here are some of my go to's for comfort...
Image result for chevron maxi skirt

I loooove a maxi skirt. They are the most comfortable things EVER. They look nice, can be dressed up or dressed down, and you can still sit on the floor with your kiddos- which I do a LOT. 

My sparkly Toms are some of my favorite shoes...they feel like you're wearing slippers. Although, my friends tell me that they are out and Tieks are in. So, I may need to snag a pair of those! 

Image result for first grade teacher shirts

On Fridays we get to wear jeans & teacher is AWESOME! 

Image result for cardigan womens

I wear tons of cardigans- I have them in just about every color! They are so versatile & look nice. Not to mention that my room is like an icebox & I am FREEZING without one! 

Image result for scarf

I also love to jazz things up with a cute little scarf. I don't usually end up with it on by the end of the day though because they always seem to get in the way when I am working with the kiddos! That's ok...they are still super cute & add a nice touch to the outfit. 
Image result for women's khaki pants
And who doesn't have their go-to pair of khakis. You know that pair that you put on when you have HAD it! You are bloated, you just want to be comfy all day, and know....
Throw these babies on with a polo & your Nike's & all is good! 

So, that's it! I'm all about being COMFORTABLE when I am teaching! 
What about you?? 
What's your teacher clothing must haves??


First Grade by the Sea said...

I think you and I are sharing the same wardrobe, except for the maxi skirt. I just bought one this summer and was wondering if it would work as I too sit on the floor a lot. So I'm glad to hear you mention that your comfortable in the classroom with them. Sorry that you are back to school. *SOB* Hope all is going well and have a great year?

Ashleigh Lanzone said...

Tieks are the most comfortable shoes ever. Pricey but worth it. :)

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