Sunday, June 28, 2015

Calm Down!!

Hello blog friends!

Many of you know that my school switched to Conscious Discipline last school year. One of the big components is teaching students how to calm themselves down so that they can think before they react & do something that may not be the best choice.

One of the things that I do is to use calming items.

 I have made plenty of these...
 (this is a 12 oz water bottle)
    This is before shaking.         

This is after shaking.
Glitter storm!! 

While I was at the beach I found these fun little calming toys~

This is before the flip...

This is after the flip!

I also found these...
This is before the flip...

This is after the flip! 
This is one of my faves because you have to try to get all the sand down to the bottom! 
I think it will be super calming! 

All of these items settle after about a minute to a minute & a half. 

**REMEMBER... if you are using things like this in your class you will have to teach the procedure for each one! 

I will not put any item out until my students know exactly how to use them & what my expectation is for the item!! 

What about you? 
Do you use calming aids with your students??


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