Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Reflection Post #2- Math

Hello Friends!
Here I go with another reflection post...look at me!
Today's post will be about math. 

Math is my favorite subject to teach & I think that I do a pretty good job getting my kiddos on grade level. :)
Here are my reflections:

  2. Kids LOVE to play math games!
  3. I am not great at spiraling, but I did get much better this year.

To address the above I started to create my own math centers that were based on the CCSS, but, more importantly, on the needs of my classroom. Since I change my math centers pretty frequently I knew that 2 things had to occur...#1 they had to be centers that could be printed using NO COLORED INK & #2 they had to be centers that were completely independent (repetitive). I make VERY small changes, but the centers remain engaging & stimulating to the students. So, I came up with these math packets...

*I am making more of these! I wanted to make sure that they would meet the needs of my students! 

The activities in these packets are engaging, fun, competitive, independent, spiraled, and REPETITIVE! I used them in my class this year & they were always a hit. I think that the kiddos liked the fact that they looked new each time, but were played in the same way. Once I taught the activities my kiddos were good to go for the rest of the year. It was super-awesome for me to be able to work with my small groups & not have to worry about the rest of the class goofing off being off task!

My centers & my homework are spiraled to ensure that my kiddos are keeping all the math strands fresh. I have worked hard to spiral this year & I know that I will have to work even harder this next school year! :) 


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