Wednesday, April 24, 2013

One of My Faves

With the end of the year getting closer by the second...
29 days for me...
 (Not that I am counting or anything)
I think that my absolute favorite thing to make is a kindergarten memory book.
Last year I created one that turned out waaaaayyy cuter than I expected! 
It turned out to be one of my best all-time sellers on TpT!! 
I had so many of the parents gushing over them.
It looks a little something like this...

There are lots of pages for you to do with your littles!
(More than you can see here) 
It turns out so super duper cute! 
I promise that you will LOVE it! 
(Would I lie to you?!?)
Here are some of the pages that I snapped pics of last year...
There are covers for boys & girls. I laminated them onto a 12x18 piece of construction paper & stapled all the pages inside. 

They really loved making these pages!

Awww...this one is so sweet! <3

If you have purchased this packet go back & re-download it. I updated the clip art, added some new pages, & changed the dates to this year. 
You can find it HERE if you are interested. 
It costs a whopping $2!


Krogers Kindergarten said...

I LOVED this book last year!! So excited to start working on it this year with my little expert writers :)

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