Sunday, April 14, 2013

Back to Business!

Well~ I am rested, relaxed, & refreshed to get back to school tomorrow after my 2 week spring break! 

I have a lot on my plate & I think I am ready for the challenge! 
As I mentioned before, I will spend pretty much all of tomorrow reteaching rules, expectations, procedures...
I know that it will be a pretty good day because these kiddos will be tired & not quite back up to full speed yet!

Anyway~ I thought I would share this little sheet that I will be teaching them how to do this week during guided reading. After I teach it I will move it into a center. 

I taught them how to do this sheet when we were talking about retelling...

I know that they are nothing fancy or spectacular but sometimes you just don't need all the glitz & glamour! You just need to get down to basics & make sure they know what they need to know! 
You know what I mean?!!
That's a lot of "knows". Haha!

If you would like them you can click on them & it will take you to google docs & they are all yours!
Please leave me a comment to let me know what you think!!

I would also REALLY love it if you pin them!! 

Thank you so much, friends!!
Have a happy Monday!!


Liz said...

I really like how simple they are. Sometimes I feel that things are so overdone but these are super kid friendly. Thank you!
Teaching in the Valley

Kelly said...

These organizers are fantastic! Thank you!!

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