Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Here's the Plan...and a Little Something for You!

Well, as my spring break winds down I have been thinking about what I'm going to be teaching when I get back. 

Being away for 17 days means that I will have to spend the entire 1st day back reviewing routines, rules, procedures, & expectations...definitely one of the downsides of year round schools...yes, we get the nice long breaks, but it's like the first day of school all over again! 

Anyway...I am going to be teaching BUGS! Yay!

Here are some of my literacy centers:
ABC order using beginning sounds. My kids ROCK at this~ so, when they get finished they write the words down on plain paper. I thought this would be a review to get them back in the swing of it!

These sentence building centers have really improved my students' writing. They are seriously transferring these center skills into their writers workshop pieces. LOVE that!! 

Don't all kindergartners have trouble hearing those vowels in the middle? This is a little middle sounds sort that you can grab for free here (it has been updated & looks way cuter than the one in the pic). 
Go get it for FREE!!

This is from one of my very faves Kathleen at Growing Kinders. I found the cutie pie magnifying glasses at Target in the dollar spot! Holy cow! 
My kids are going to LOVE them!! 
I have bees & ladybugs!

Well, there you have it folks! 
Some of my literacy centers for next week...if you would like to check out my Buggin' Out Literacy Unit click on the pic!
There are MANY more activities included in the packet than are shown here! 
Go check it out...please!!

As always, pins are sincerely appreciated
Have a great Wednesday!!

But wait....
if you would like to win a copy of the Buggin' Out Literacy Unit like me on Facebook & leave me a comment there!

Does that make sense?

I will use the random number generator to pick a winner (or 2) tonight before I go to bed! 


Karyn said...

I would LOVE to win a copy of your buggy unit! Thanks for the chance Jen! :o)

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ms. rachel said...

i so love bees & bugs too, :)
These are cute, :)

♥ rachel

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Mrs. Leeby said...

Just pinned it!

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ronnie said...

i just liked your Facebook page. i love the bugs (that's almost a rhyme.

Cherie said...
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Sara said...

LOVE YOUR FREEBIE! Thank you so much!!

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