Sunday, April 7, 2013

Don't Be Jealous!

I have one more week off for Spring break! 
Woo Hoo!!

I work in a year round school & I'm telling you these long breaks are what makes the school year glide by!
I will be sad this July when I am starting school & all of you are still being lazy beach we're even! :)

I have been busy & using my time wisely. I updated some of my the first units (read about that here) that I created & I managed to crank out this unit...

I am totally thinking of the end of the year...can you tell?!?

I am working on the math packet to go along with this lit unit. 
Then...I'm not sure what I am going to make.
Pets? Farm? Zoo?...any suggestions???

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Have a great Monday!!


Kindergarten Squared said...

Still jealous...even though you told me not to be! ;)Enjoy it girl! Heading over to the giveaway now!

Danielle said...

I'm soooo jealous. My school has talked about going year round and I would love it if they did. Enjoy the rest of your break!

Carolina Teacher

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