Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Product Swap!

Holy Cow! What fun this has been! I am so thrilled that Jessica from Mrs. Stanford's Class put this event together for us. I was extremely lucky to get paired with the awesomely talented Caitlin from
Kindergarten Smiles
Her blog has been one of my favorites for a LLOOOOONNNGGG time! If you haven't been there you are missing out!
Anyway~ I picked this unit to review for you...

Monsters!  Back to School Activity Pack

This unit is based on the story A Day A Monster Went To School. I love to use this story the first week of school to set up the rules & expectations for my classroom. If you haven't heard it, Caitlin has included it in this unit!

This unit is SERIOUSLY packed with EVERYTHING that you will need to kick off your first week back. I know, because this has been my first week back & my kids are LOVING all of the MONSTER fun!
Caitlin has included a morning coloring sheet to start each day. Can I tell you that these have been my saving grace this week?!! My kids come in & know exactly what to do so that I can deal with paperwork, parents, transportation, cryers, and other things that have popped up when the students are arriving this crazy first week back!

There are 2 "I have, who has" games, one for letters & one for numbers. These are awesome!

This little monster book has been fun for my kiddos. It is great for sight words, pattern text, color words, etc. Look at what a great job they are doing with it!

They are so excited because they can really read it -after they figure out the pattern :)!

This is one of the awesome math activities included in the packet. Totally appropriate for kinders & right in line with the Common Core. The kids loved it!

I ALWAYS stress the glue procedures in my class! I hate gloppy glue! This packet has a great little glue song & a monster to dot the glue on! Another winner!!

These letter cards come with 3 different letter activities. These are great for differentiation, too!

This unit is JAM-PACKED with great activities here are some of the others that are included:
~A monster rules bubble map activity
~A great, hands on, kid made rule book (we are currently in the middle of making this- it is turning out SUPER cute)!
~Upper & lowercase cards for a variety of activities.
~A monster patterning activity
~Roll & cover monster math activity
~A "monster" write the room activity
~The cutest "getting to know you" Monster glyphs!
~Letter m upper & lowercase sorting activity.

WHEW!! I'm telling you this unit is FULL of fabulous activities that will get you through that crazy first week of school! It is all in line with the Common Core & totally appropriate for those beginning learners! Go to Caitlin's TpT store & grab this unit! You will NOT be disappointed!! Thank you, Caitlin for swapping with me! :)

**sorry that I'm a little late posting, I have been at school all day & I realized when I got home that my scheduled post did not take place...:( **


Caitlin said...

I just LOVED reading this post!! I haven't started school yet and haven't been able to use this unit so I am so glad to read that your students are enjoying it!! Makes me excited :)

Thanks for swapping with me!
Kindergarten Smiles

Crayons and Curls said...

Great post! Love this!
Thanks for visiting me today! :)
Crayons and Curls

Lori Rosenberg said...

I have this packet and can't wait to use it. Great job showcasing these wonderful activities!

ΡΌ Lori
Teaching With Love and Laughter

letters for nursery wall said...

Hi Jen,

The beginning is always the hardest but must admit that those creations are very cute and awesome!

Thanks for sharing

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