Sunday, August 5, 2012

PBIS anyone?

I need help from those of you that use PBIS in your schools. We are just beginning to implement this program and I am really curious how you introduce it to your kindergarteners. I know so little about it that I am just not sure where to begin. I did use the A Day A Monster Went to School story, and we talked about which behaviors were above the line & below the line. I also made a bulletin board where we put pictures above/below the line according to the behaviors. My problem is how to make this visible & meaningful to my students. We are supposed to have a card on their desks where we keep track of their behaviors & document them with letters that go above/below the line. For example, I may see that you are showing respect & then would ask you to put an "R" above the line. This will be meaningless to my kinders in the beginning of the year...So, how do you all do it? Can anyone share their suggestions with me??!! Please help!!


Greg said...

We have been using PBIS for 8 years. I love it! Our office referrals have declined from 1,000 to 200! We use a very simple system with 3 rules: be respectful, be responsible, be safe! When students are caught following the rules they earn a treasure ticket. Tickets can be used for a whole menu of rewards and incentives. We also use the clip chart for behavior management school wide. This system is easy for kindergarteners to understand and get into early in they year! I hope this helps.


Kindergarten Myles said...

PBIS varies depending on how the school designs the program. I've taught at two PBIS schools. One used tickets for good behavior (the Ks collected them in an office name tag around their neck until we had time to write names on them and put in a basket to be drawn for prizes. In later years, they saved them to purchase items from a store). The other school used punch cards they carried with them and collected punches. Weekly they'd trade them in for prizes. Both schools had a behavior clip chart (move up or down). The one didn't start out with one and I found with K, they would move their clip in between levels so they had more chances. We also had quarterly events where students who hadn't earned office referrals or had only so many minor referrals could attend. It does work well with Ks as we model good behavior a lot. If your kids are supposed to move letters (maybe you could make a symbol/pic of behavior for them to move instead).

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