Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile :)

Today I went back to my classroom to get things ready to go for next week (I've been out of school since Good Friday). I just smiled when I walked through the door & saw all the cute stuff that the kids had made before we left for break. 
Look at these sweet bunnies that they painted!

I LOVE these flowers! They are all so bright and cheery.

Here are our plant diagrams. I always love the way that these turn out. I'm sorry that it is so hard to read the labels.

This is from our seed study in science. They had to figure out which seed grew which plant. Don't you just love the drawings?!

I am sad that Spring Break is coming to an end for me, but I am excited to get back to my class & finish out a great year!
Next time I will post my center ideas for next week!


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