Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Saturday & A Freebie!

What's that you say??
 There are only 33 school days left in the year!
Holy Cow, where did the time go?
I am heading back to school on Monday after having a very relaxing 2 week Spring Break. I am a little bummed that testing starts at my school on Tuesday & that means no recess and no specials for us...yikes! In my class it means lots of movement & lots of craft activities to keep those little hands BUSY! What do you do when your class is on "testing lockdown"?

In other news...I have started making a dinosaur unit & wanted to share the love with you! I left suggestions on how to use the freebie, but I would love to know if you have any other ideas of how to use this center. I always love to hear new ways to freshen up my centers. is the freebie...go get that thing!
Dinosaur Freebie!

Happy Saturday!!



Krogers Kindergarten said...

I would probably make this a stamping kids LOVE to use alphabet stamps to make sight word. Love those dinossaurs, I just finished my Dinosaur math unit so I've been looking at these cute dinos all day :)

In other recess or specials?? Danngggg we had "testing lockdown" this week too but it was mostly just having activity in our classes. Do you have to eat in your rooms also???

Jen said...

That's a great idea! I should have thought of that one because my kids love to stamp, too!

We do not have to eat in our classroom, THANK GOODNESS! It is the ONE time that we get to actually leave our room!

Heather's Heart said...

This is so adorable!

You could put the letters for the word in an Easter egg. They could "hatch" the dinosaur and see what word the letters spell.

Heather's Heart

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