Monday, April 23, 2012

Back in the Groove

My kids were VERY excited to get back to school today! You have to understand that I work in a Title 1, High Priority school. These kids have been home for two weeks, and who knows what that was like for them? They REALLY missed me! They could not wait to give me a huge hug & tell me how much they missed school. These are kids that are coming from unstable environments and are often left alone to fend for themselves. They totally thrive on any attention & affection that I give to them. I am truly rewarded day in and day out teaching these children. Here are a few of my cuties...
Nothing like coming back from a break & having a fire-drill right off the bat! :)
I took pictures of my bug centers today, but I can't get them to rotate...they ALL want to load upside down. I will retake them tomorrow with my good camera & try to do a center post. I hope everyone had a great Monday!


Ms. Lindsey said...

I teach in a similar school, I know what you mean.
I just found your blog. Super cute! I'm your newest follower.

Lovin’ First Grade

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