Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bug Freebie!

Well, I don't know about your school, but mine has testing in full swing! We are not allowed to have specials or recess. The only time we leave the room is for lunch. Talk about kinder jail! I am trying to keep the kids from going stir crazy! Thankfully, I have an awesome class this year. I have been coming up with all sorts of activities to keep things fun & engaging. I whipped this little ditty up this morning while my kiddies were working in centers. They loved it. I put it on my promethean board & we labeled it together. Tomorrow they will have the exact copy of it as morning work...we'll see who was paying attention ;)!

I couldn't get the picture to link up...go figure...so just click on the link & hopefully you can print it off. Let me know if you can't get it so I can fix it for ya!



Jen said...

If you can't see the picture, it is a bug labeling sheet! Not sure what I am doing wrong tonight...ugh! Maybe it's just one of those quirky little things...

Jessica said...

Hi! I am your newest follower:) Stop by and visit me...


Jaycee Weaver and Lohren Nolan said...

It came up perfectly! Thanks for the freebie!


Lohren Nolan

KRISTA said...

This looks great! Thanks for stopping by. I am a new follower of your adorabe blog. Have a great week! It sounds like it is a tough one with no recesses or specials for your kiddos.


Mrs. Gaither said...

What???! No specials or recess--what is this world coming to???? Love your blog!

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Ms. Kerri said...

My school is testing too. But we at least can leave our rooms in the afternoon. It's been tough on the kinders. Love your blog. I'm a new follower. Would love it if you would come check me out?
Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

Andrea said...

We had a principal once who was that serious about testing, but we found the kids got in more trouble and had lower scores when they had no specials or breaks. The teachers also got a little looney! Hang in there! In two more weeks, our school will be testing, and I will be stuck in my little room for hours on end with one or two kids!

I am your newest follower! Thanks for stopping by mine!

Reading Toward the Stars

Heather's Heart said...

I love this! Thank you so much!

I would love for you to come by and visit me when you get the chance. I would be so blessed if you also followed me back! =)

Heather's Heart

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